1Password Now Lets You Easily Store Crypto Wallet Details

1Password Now Lets You Easily Store Crypto Wallet Details
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The crypto industry has been under a lot of scrutiny lately for the number of frauds it has experienced in the past few months. The technology has a new update now, 1Password update. 1Password is a password managing software. This update has been accommodated to the password manager’s interface to the digital wallets that hold crypto and similar assets. This makes the tedious procedure of transactions and the storage of its details much easier and efficient. 

The previous procedure of storing the one’s details was very tedious, as one had to repurpose some existing input fields. The update now specifies the information that needs to be fed into the system, like a recovery phrase or your wallet address or the password. The logic here is that, as basic information is already stored in the software, one should not need to repurpose it every time. 

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That is not it for the convenient update of the 1Password software. The software is now also compatible with Phantom, a crypto wallet that is based on the Solana ecosystem and supports all carries Solana-based cryptos and NFTs. The update is such that a Phantom wallet user that also has a subscription of 1Password, will be prompted to connect their Phantom information to the password manager’s software. Sounds something like Google’s cookies and Sign-in prompts, doesn’t it? 

This is probably why industry experts still believe that such passwords are better stored offline. It has also been a common opinion of many experts that the recovery phrase should be completely hidden from any internet activities or devices. This is because though technology advancement has a lot of benefits, it has also made cyber-crimes easier so this poses as a huge risk to the security and privacy of your data. And with all the frauds and scams occurring in the crypto industry lately, it is the best to follow the opinion of these experts. Those willing to store information online should only invest so much as they are willing to lose.

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