About Us

PayPII is the hub of Finance, Business, and Technology for students and professionals who want to stay up to date on major events while building up their knowledge base in these subjects.
It offers relevant and authentic information regarding Fintech, Banking, Crypto, and startups that are part of the evolution of these industries. It aims to foster a community from newbies to expert professionals centered around growth and development.
PayPII is on a mission to empower startups and professionals to accelerate their business and careers while nurturing the growth of this massive industry that is connected to every individual directly or indirectly.

We offer services such as:
- PR services
- Career consulting
- Financial Solution Consulting
- Growth Strategy (marketing & sales)
- Newsletter sponsorship
- Newsfeed and content syndication
- Advertisements and profiles


Discuss your organization’s requirements and obtain a tailored solution for your business; please contact at info@paypii.com