An American Firm Has Created A Method To Utilize Coal Waste To Power Crypto Mining 

An American Firm Has Created A Method To Utilize Coal Waste To Power Crypto Mining
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The massive amounts of electricity required for the mining bitcoin have sparked a global debate about whether the energy used is worth the environmental consequences.

However, one firm in western Pennsylvania believes they have discovered a way to use crypto mining to help clean up their neighborhood.

Stronghold Digital Mining generates electricity from waste left over from decades-old coal power plants, which fuels hundreds of supercomputers that mine bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the world’s largest peer-to-peer digital currency, is created through a process known as mining, in which computers are required to solve complicated riddles in exchange for virtual cash.

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“The bitcoin mining network itself is the largest decentralized computer network in the world, and it’s power-hungry, so co-locating bitcoin mining and a power plant makes a lot of sense,” said Greg Beard, chief executive officer of Stronghold.

Coal ash, a waste product of burning coal to generate power, can leak into groundwater and damage streams, and it includes carcinogenic heavy metals.

Stronghold gathers and treats coal ash from a local mine at a waste coal processing facility. After being sorted and crushed, the coal ash is transported to a boiler building, where it is burned to provide electricity for the company’s bitcoin mining activity.

“I think this is a perfect niche for crypto,” said Bill Spence, co-chairman of Stronghold Digital Mining.

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