An investment made in Azimuth GRC, a master plan of Truist Ventures


Truist Ventures is a company that makes strategic investments and partnerships, working on redefining Fintech, which is their vision and mission. The company has recently invested in Azimuth GRC, a technology-based organization working on helping companies from highly regulated industries comply with the relevant laws.

The CEO of Azimuth GRC, Rohin Tagra, said that almost USD 9 million into the company by Truist Ventures. He also stated that both the companies would work hand-in-hand and carry on the goals of shaping the industry’s future by identifying and implementing the relevant solutions.

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This investment has allowed Azimuth GRC to work even further into achieving its core vision, which is to enable companies to have sustainable compliance management. The technology possessed by the company can transform paper-based processes traditionally into automated systems, improving the efficiency of work performance.

Furthermore, the funding has fostered Azimuth GRC to grow internally and externally, raising its potential and increasing the company’s capabilities.

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A bit of information about both the companies:

Truist Ventures is Truist Financial Corporation’s corporate venture capital arm, providing its clients with unrivaled services and technology by investing in and collaborating with creative firms with exceptional management teams to help define the future of finance. Truist Ventures mostly makes its investments in the Fintech industry to provide more innovative technologies in money movement and payments. Truist Ventures ensures that the company it invests in grows by providing tremendous support. 

Truist Venture -‘’ Your entrepreneurial ambition is one that we share. We move quickly within our simplified team to keep up with your innovation pace.’’ 

Azimuth is working on transforming regulatory compliance, becoming the world’s first and only firm to codify every federal and state legislation on a single platform. It is the only firm with software that does automated testing of the whole portfolio daily, ensuring compliance with all the upheld laws and regulations.

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