Avalanche Blockchain Now Accessible On Wirex App, Wallet & Payment Ecosystem

Avalanche Blockchain Now Accessible on Wirex App, Wallet & Payment Ecosystem
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It was not long ago that Ethereum was the most popular blockchain ecosystem in the crypto space. With time, Solana has been catching up and now, thanks to Wirex, it is Avalanche’s time to shine

Headquartered in the UK, Wirex is a digital payment platform that engages in crypto and fiat currencies. It is also compatible with Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom blockchains. It has a humongous 4.5 million user base and is accessible in more than 120 countries. It recently announced its expansion by enabling Avalanche blockchain on its platform. Its tweet on 28th February read- “Due to popular demand, #AVAX is now available to buy, store, swap and spend with Wirex. And for a limited time, buy €50 worth of $AVAX in-app, and we’ll gift you €5 of $WXT!..”

Wirex is dedicated to making cryptocurrencies available for all, and thus, the introduction of Avalanche on its platform is a step closer to its goal. It also recently launched a particular savings node where its users will earn in interest X-Accounts; users will also earn up to 20% AER interest* on AVAX, with no lock-up period, minimum holdings or monthly fees.

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As of Avalanche, it is not only the fastest intelligent contracts platform in the blockchain industry but is also lower in cost. The cherry on the cake is eco-friendly too. As far as interoperability is concerned, it is also compatible with Ethereum smart contracts and tooling. With this, users benefit from Avalanche, interoperability with Ethereum, lower gas fees, and the convenience of Wirex apps. Oh, did we mention that the users will add their custom tokens too? 

Talking about this new feature, the CEO and Co-Founder of Wirex, Pavel Matveev, said that as Wirex focuses on innovation and building good partnerships, this addition of Avalanche will enable the users of Wirex to access Avalanche blockchain’s accessibility. “…we can together help to offer users of all backgrounds more choice and flexibility over how they wish to use crypto,” he said. 

President of Avalanche, John Wu, said that he is excited about this collaboration with Wirex and is looking forward to collaborating with Mastercard

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