Blackhawk Network Plans To Provide Digital POS To Restaurants And More: Collaborates With CBS To Do So

Blackhawk Network Plans To Provide Digital POS To Restaurants And More: Collaborates With CBS To Do So
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Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc, and Custom Business Solutions Inc (CBS), have recently announced that both the US-based companies will collaborate on a mission to provide Digital Point Of Sale (POS) systems to restaurants and the retail world. This collaboration will help restaurants and retailers catch up with the ever upgrading payment systems incorporated in the society, such as the e-wallet and even crypto, which has taken payment methods to the next level.

Blackhawk Network Holdings’ Vice President and Group Head at Global Strategy and Business Development, Tristan Roffey, stated that their company is excited to work with Custom Business Solutions (CBS), a well-known firm for developing cutting-edge digital payment solutions for restaurants as well as retailers. Blackhawk Network has considered CBS as an ideal company with a fantastic team to work alongside to speed up its expansion in the space of Digital Payments.

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Custom Business Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Anthony Presley, stated that their company’s collaboration with Blackhawk Network Holdings is beneficial since it will help them develop and progress even further by putting forward new alternatives in the digital payments space, remarkably benefitting their customers. 

Blackhawk Network Holding Incorporated is a US-based company that initially makes Gift Cards and currently also operates significantly in the payments sector. It is headquartered in California and has a global presence. The company partners with well-known firms to develop new products and services, working on shaping the future of branded payments worldwide by providing highly reliable and secure payment solutions.

Custom Business Solutions (CBS) is a well-known player in the IT Services and IT Consulting industry headquartered in Irvine, California. The company’s ‘NorthStar’ category of products has made several accomplishments: making a point of Sale (POS) system more flexible through its NorthStar Order Entry. 

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