In this episode, I sit down to talk with Jake Parent, founder of Breath.Energy, a breathwork studio in Tempe, Arizona.

We talk about how breathwork, or a specific method of breathing, can literally change your life in the best way possible. I know that sounds too good to be true, but it’s legit, and I’ve experienced it personally.

Jake and I sat down to talk about the different types of breathwork, his type of breathwork, why it works and much more.

Video Interview Transcript

HK: Hey Jake thanks for coming on the show great to have you here

JP: Hey Hugh pleasure to be here, thanks for inviting me.

Jake’s Background

HK: So maybe could give people a little bit of background about yourself and how you got started with breathwork.

JP: Okay sure thing…so I do not have the traditional background of somebody who came into breathwork. I’ve basically been in business-to-business marketing and sales for the last 30 plus years and at a certain point, I just felt like the effort that I was expending versus what I was getting back wasn’t matching up.

I was working way too hard and getting way too few results. I was still getting good results in life, this isn’t one of those I was down on my luck and sleeping behind a dumpster stories. It’s more like, hey I am working really damn hard and I feel like I should have a lot more to show for it than I do.

So that took me on a journey to like try to figure it out and part of that journey led me towards breathwork. Breathwork really helped me open up in my life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and allowed me to connect with my authentic self.

Once I did that, I was able to see the results of my work. When the results started showing up, those started lining up with each other and I had a much deeper connection in also aspects of my life not just financially but in my relationships and everywhere else as well.

The majority of the people that do breathwork are what we call the woo-woo, granola crowd. They’re “fruit shakes and flakes,” I call those the granola people and I definitely don’t have that kind of background.

When you start talking a bunch of supernatural stuff, I’m like: Yeah I don’t want to hear that part.

Let’s get to the part that works.

So that’s what I was really focused on, not to say that I haven’t had miraculous experiences. That said, I don’t think I can, nor can anyone else, conjure miracles on demand. Doesn’t mean that they don’t happen, it’s just that they happen when they happen.

So in going through that breathwork experience I was like…

Well I’m a normal person who’s having these incredible experiences with breathwork and I think other people would like to have these experiences as well. They probably just don’t want to hang out with somebody named Moonbeam.

I’m like: Hey, we can do this without making it weird.

So that’s what led me on this journey. I ended up doing maybe 15 or 20 different certification training programs trying to look for what resonated with me.

None of them did, there was always something where I was like: All right you got most of the way there and then in like the last 20%, you kind of went off the rails.

I imagine that’s how Scientologists feel. The first couple of courses they go through, it’s like ah this is all super normal stuff. It’s about performing at life and then you get to the end, and you’re like: Yep we’ve been invaded by aliens.

Okay you lost you lost me on that one, awesome.

So I’ve just tried to remain consistent all the way throughout.

So I ended up coming up with my own style, my own blend of breathwork and just trying to make it as practical for real life application as possible and that’s kind of how we got here.

Jake’s First Breathwork Experience

HK: Cool yeah, I certainly appreciate that. I’m all about like what works and not necessarily getting into superfluous stuff that doesn’t apply to actually it working.

So I definitely appreciate that.

Maybe you could tell people about your first breathwork session and/or your most impactful one.

JP: Well it’s funny you mentioned that so the the first time that I went to a breathwork experience it was with a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and my partner and I Kim, we both went and I took my son.

I had high hopes and during the two hour breathwork experience, I felt nothing. I basically just laid there, listened to some loud music and was like: I thought there was nothing here, and there’s in fact, nothing here.

I had a nothing experience and then it probably took a year and another friend who her boyfriend was a breathwork facilitator, and she’s like: You got to do breathwork with this guy.

I was like: I’ve done breathwork and it was not that great. It was like I just took a little nap and listened to some loud music.

I can do that at home.

Jake’s Peak Breathwork Experience

Jake Parent Breathwork

JP: But she finally convinced/nagged me into going and I’m grateful that she did because it was it was a completely different experience. It was you know when people talk about a mystical experience.

It was a peak experience, like when you’re standing in the mountains, standing in the ocean, or when you’re at a concert and all of a sudden the the crowd syncs up and moves as one.

It was that type of peak experience in my life, where I just received a lot of information got a lot of insights had a lot of emotional releases that it was a very powerful experience for me.

It did take me a little while to kind of figure it out, sort it out, and piece it together.

But it was truly incredible and I think one of the big differences between the first facilitator and the second facilitator is the first guy was used to working with people who are spiritually sensitive, which I’m not.

I’m not a spiritually sensitive person.

The second guy was used to working with people who this is their first time they’ve never done anything like this before. He’s used to walking them through the basics or the remedial steps of what it takes for that experience to take place. So I’m grateful to him for that because he started that process.

That’s really where I excel, is working with people who are like: Hey man, it’s wonderful that you’re talking to me about my solar plexus chakra being blocked, but when my kid is having a meltdown tomorrow, how’s this going to help me?

Or when my boss is being a jerk and I need to enforce my boundaries, talking about my throat chakra isn’t going to do a whole lot.

So I was grateful for that aspect of it, and then being able to go on the journey from there and learn and explore more, and then take it even deeper.

Different Types of Breathwork Explained

HK: Yeah that’s a good comparison, maybe we could bring that up, comparing it to other types of breathwork. For me personally, I did a Holotropic session and I got that floaty feeling and it was nice and all, but it was akin to a nice nap. Other people were going off into the universe or whatever.

But when I did the first session with you guys, I really felt a lot of things release. I was floating after the session and I had to go eat some meat because I was way too out there.

So maybe you could talk about some of the breathwork modalities compared to yours, and not necessarily that one is better than the other, but figure out what works for the individual right?

JP: Yeah, there are a lot of different modalities that work, and in my mind they all work for somebody.

I say that that if you’re a militant atheist, I’m probably not the person for you. And if you’re a level 700 Ra, Law of One, let’s have an hour long conversation about chakras, I’m probably also not the person for you.

But if you’re like: Hey I’m just trying to figure out my day-to-day life in the real world and I need some help doing that…that’s where I fit in.

When it comes to other types of breathwork there are basically 15 different types of breathwork and they all they all have a different focus.

Wim Hof Breathwork

JP: I think Wim Hof is probably the most popular of the breathwork styles. His style of breathwork is very physical. It has a very physical embodied response that you’re going to feel it more in your body than you are in your mind, or in your thoughts.

That’s one of the reasons they do the ice baths afterwards, is so that you notice that there’s been a physical change and it’s pretty awesome.

If you’ve ever taken an ice bath after Wim Hof, you don’t feel like you’re dying. Whereas if you don’t do Wim Hof and jump into an ice bath, there’s definitely a shock to your system.

For me, I do that 20 to 30 second panic breathing like (fast breathing) and when you’re trying to act like a tough guy, it’s not the best look.

So Wim Hof is incredibly powerful. It’s a great system that works on you physically.

Wim has the belief that if you attend to the physical body, that your mental and emotional will automatically correct itself.

I believe the opposite, that if you fix the mental and emotional, a lot of your physical maladies will relieve themselves.

I’m not saying he’s wrong but I certainly haven’t experienced it that way. I’ve attended to things physically and the chronic issues keep coming back.

That said, he has incredible results and he has done incredible feats.

It’s a really good program.

Anybody who’s done Wim Hof, then comes and does our breathwork, always have an incredible experience because it does it gives them the physical apparatus to be able to do breathwork more easily.

Holotropic Breathwork

JP: So there’s a whole 12 or 13 different types of of breathwork that do circular breathing, or conscious connective breathing, which is what we’re part of.

It was invented by Stan Groff. He did about 4,000 LSD therapy sessions with people where he would give them LSD and then do Psychotherapy analysis with them and he noticed at the end of his sessions that everybody had a very particular breathing pattern.

When they outlawed doing LSD therapy, he was like: What do I do now?

Based off of people’s breathing patterns, he had them start breathing that way and he could get the same kind of effects from breathwork that he was getting from his LSD therapy.

Abig part of his is he likes to focus on the perinatal birth matrix, in which he believes most of the trauma in your life took place before you were born and that there’s a lot of being born trauma that you need to work through.

Like there’s the Garden of Eden where you’re just a placenta floating around and everything is taken care of and life’s fine. Then once you start being born that you’re basically being choked to death.

the entire time you’re being born that it creates all this trauma that it has to be worked through and there may be some validity to that, but I think it is difficult to get a mass audience to accept that point of view.

When he does breathwork there’s one person who’s breathing and one person who’s sitting.

They’re three hours long and then you do art afterwards to help you integrate. Again beautiful sessions, didn’t do much for me, didn’t go very deeply for you.

I think there’s a lot of benefit to it, but I think it’d be difficult to do on a daily basis. It really does lend itself to a weekend seminar type event.

But if you just want to do it every week and upgrade your life, it’s a little difficult to implement.

Then most of the other ones focus on a very narrow aspect of intentions. They either focus on rebirthing, or dying, or the ego death, or they have a very specific intention that they’re trying to walk you through as part of their breathwork.

So the breathing mechanism itself is very similar, but how they set it up the space that they hold for it how they want you to implement that to your life is is very narrow,

I’d say those are the big differences.

Box Breathing

JP: Then some of the other breathworks really focus on box breathing, which is four seconds in, four second hold, four seconds out, four second hold.

So it’s four sides of a box.

That’s very good for people who are trying to regulate their nervous system or are a little over stressed.

Experimentation to Find What Really Works

JP: I did almost all of these breathwork systems that I’m talking about.

I did them for 90 days, every day. I was trying to find out what worked. I was like: If I do this for 90 days every day and there’s no difference in my life…you have to have results.

If you if you follow diet perfectly for 90 days and you get to the end and there’s no difference you’re like: All right well that that didn’t work. So that’s basically what I did.

I think it has very narrow applications, but it’s not a life changer. There’s different types of breathwork that you can do to help you sleep better. I think it’s like a seven-five-eight breath count, something along those lines.

One of the things that we talk about is how you breathe is how you live.

If you have deep full breaths you’ll have a deep full life if you have shallow quick breaths you’re going to have a shallow quick life.

It is easier to change your mood by changing your posture and your breath. If you sit up take a big breath you’re automatically more relaxed. That is how your breath will have a direct effect on it.

No One Path to Self-Realization

HK: Yeah that makes a lot of sense. That’s interesting that you mentioned the different types of breathwork.

I didn’t know that. I’m always a little suspicious if somebody’s like trying to get you into one modality or telling you where all of your traumas are because I think it can go across the spectrum right?

JP: One point on that real quick that you touched base around right there, I found this out early on in my experience was that there is no one path.

There is one destination. I do believe that that there is one there is one mountaintop and a friend and I started this experience at the same time and it’d be like we were on a journey and I’d go hey there’s this landmark over on the left and he’d say no, that landmark’s on the right.

Then we would argue about it and both of our feelings would get hurt because we’re like no I can clearly see the landmarks over there.

If we use the analogy of climbing the mountain, he’s on the North side of the mountain climbing up and I’m on the South side of the mountain climbing up.

We’re both looking at the same landmark from different positions, so wherever you’re starting from, that’s where you’re starting from.

I don’t need you to go: Hey I need you to walk halfway around the mountain to my position, so that we can walk up this mountain from this one path that I’ve found.

All the paths will take you there.

So there’s a lot of other things that that you can do. You can do drum circles, you can do chanting, you can do different things and they all they all work to some degree.

It’s just about which one is easiest for you and which one resonates with you most easily.

The Breath.Energy Experience

Breath.Energy studio inside

HK: Yeah that makes a lot of sense. So I thought maybe you could take us through like a typical session and what’s like and give us a tour people can expect in a session when they walk in.

JP: We have breathwork both in person and online. I think in person is most effective, but people do have pretty good results with our online breathwork as well. But if you come to in person we have a studio in Tempe, Arizona.

When you walk in, you’re greeted and we check you in. We’ve got a place you can check your shoes in, we hand you a sheet so you can put it over a mat.

We have a first class experience. It’s not like you’re going to lay down on a yoga mat for two hours which is what I did, the first couple times.

We have full-blown mattresses there with sheets pillows blankets we give you a sheet to put over your mattress to cover that select your location we have an incredible sound system there that that basically is designed to make the floor and the air vibrate so that when you’re doing breathwork, you’re feeling the vibration of the music.

Once we get started, we give a quick 10 minute introduction explain a little bit about breathwork, a little bit about what you’re going to experience we ask you to set an intention.

An intention is a desire for your life, or a dream for your life how you’d like your life to be tomorrow, that it isn’t today.

If you could wave a magic wand during breathwork and something magical will happen tomorrow, what would that be?

So we ask you to set an intention around that and then we go around the room share your name share your intentions and we get started with breathwork. I guide you through breathwork for about 20 minutes.

The guiding is we go through a couple of relaxation exercises just to help you relax and spread out. Then I take you through several different types of breathwork that you can do and what I’m doing there is trying to help you find the style of breathwork that is easiest for you.

I have a co-facilitator Kim. Kim is the little hummingbird of the organization. She just zoom zoom zooms all over the place. I’m more like a bear where I just kind of lumber around a little bit slower.

When Kim is guiding breathwork the breathing is faster because that’s how fast Kim breathes, and then when I lead, it’s slower because that’s how I breathe.

Now your breath might be somewhere in between. I’m trying to take you through both extremes so you can find out what’s most comfortable for you and what we’re doing that in the first 20 minutes like: Hey try this, and try this, and try this, and see which one is easiest for you. Which one do you enjoy?

Once you find the one you enjoy it’s like: All right, well let’s just keep doing that. Then at a certain point, I stop talking and that’s intentional.

I would say that’s one of the huge differences between our breathwork and other breathworks is that most people who facilitate breathwork think that they are the star of the show and it’s kind of like AM radio.

There’s not going to be any point at which they stop talking during your breathwork experience.

I am trying to stop talking as quickly as I can because if I’m talking that means you’re in your conscious mind you have to think and you have to interpret, you have to understand, and then either act or not act on that.

I’m trying to get you to that place where it’s like a dad with his hand on the back seat of the bike. The sooner I can let go of that bike the better both of us are. So I’ll stop talking and you’ll just continue on your journey.

It’s only about 10 minutes after that, people experience a shift of some sort, either their body starts to vibrate or the mind goes to a different place. It can be very emotional it can be very thoughtful. It can be very physical and people can have deep physical sensations.

Then you’ll just keep breathing for about another hour and a half. Then Kim will come by and she’s got a scent that she puts on her hands called Agua de Florida. She puts it on your forehead, cheeks, and neck, and it’s just a refreshing scent that allows you to relax from the breathwork for a moment.

It can also cause emotional releases it can be grounding. It can be enjoyable it can be tough. But there’s a little shift that takes place there.

Then after, sometimes we offer Hapé which is a snuff from South America made from the original tobacco plant called mapacho or a nicotiana rustica and it’s ground up into a powder. We blow that into your nose.

It’s entirely optional.

You don’t have to do that, but it makes the breathwork experience more powerful and whatever you’ve been going through, it accentuates that and makes it a more powerful experience.

Then about 30 minutes after that, we’ll call you back and we end the breathwork portion of it and we’ll have a small sharing circle where you get to share like what you felt what you saw, and what you gathered from breathwork.

Sometimes people don’t experience anything. It happens to me as well.

I will say that about 149 out of 150 people that come and do breathwork with us have at the very least, a very deeply meditative experience.

When Breathwork Doesn’t Work

JP: The people who don’t have an experience usually are usually either on Adderall, which we don’t recommend. That definitely cuts down on your ability to meditate.

Then I’d say the other people who are on the spectrum seem to have a difficult time and then the third group of people who have difficult experiences are people who have control issues.

People who are hyper-controllers, what those of us who are not controllers call “control freaks.” You know if we’re being judgy about it, which for sure we’re not. But the people who are hyper-controllers usually in their first experience, it may be difficult for them to have a dropped in experience.

Usually after they go through the first one, if they come back the second time, because they’ve kind of taken a peek through the door they can have a second one (dropped in experience).

For the Adderall people, if they stop taking the Adderall they can drop in.

The people on the spectrum…I just it’s a tough ask for them to be able to do much.

The Power of Hapé with Breathwork

Amazon jungle

HK: The Hapé is amazing, I haven’t seen that anywhere else. Is that something you just put in yourself, or was it something you learned somewhere along the line?

JP: They do it as a part of Ceremonies in South America, it is really popular with Ayahuasca ceremonies. But there are there are tribes in South America who do Ayahuasca or they do Hapé before they do Ayahuasca.

Then there are tribes in South America who just do Hapé all by itself. That’s the only medicinal plant that they use.

So once I discovered it, it was pretty rough discovery for me, and it took me awhile.

As a friend said, I had a respect but not a fondness for Hapé. So once I developed a fondness for what it could do, I thought it would be a powerful addition to offer with the breathwork.

As far as I know, we’re the only dedicated in-person breathwork studio in the country and we’re probably the only ones who are offering Hapé with breathwork.

Restroom Breaks During Breathwork

HK: Okay cool, so what happens if somebody has to use a bathroom in the middle of a session?

JP: That is a good question, they have the ability to get up that when they open their eyes they are they’re basically conscious.

Sometimes we joke that they they can walk like baby deers a little bit. We joking call it the new feet syndrome. We’re like: Yeah new feet…just got these ones installed figured it out.

But usually they can they can get up and go to the restroom quite easily. Our studio is dimly lit during the experience. But we do have LED candles all over the place so that the little pathways are lighted and they know where to walk.

What’s what’s your experience been like that with that?

HK: Having having to use the restroom in the middle of breathwork? Yeah sometimes if I’m deep into it, I can stumble around a little bit and it is a little a little tough to get bearings when I’m standing up.

But I try to keep the breath going through the whole time and then just come back to the mat.

So yeah, I know what you’re talking about.

JP: Yeah, I’ve personally had a breathwork experience where I was laying there and I didn’t know I had to use the restroom at the time but I remember my eyes and looking at the ceiling and trying to figure out what the ceiling was. I was like: I don’t know what that is.

It probably took me a couple minutes to go: Oh I’m a human I’m on Earth I’m looking at rafters. We’re okay, all right I can do this.

HK: I think that can be part of the process also, having to use the restroom and to purge some of the stuff that’s coming out right?

JP: Absolutely it does. People express themselves in different ways. It is not common for these experiences but it does happen that people can cry, scream, laugh, and we have people get up and dance. You may need to use the restroom.

Among guys, sighing and yawning is really common.

I’ve had women complain about the guys sighing and I’m like: You know, that guy’s 40 years old and this might be the first time in his adult life that he’s not felt the entire pressure and responsibility of carrying the load in his life.

This is the first time he’s put his responsibility down, so how about you give him a little Grace and let him sigh about it for a couple minutes and enjoy himself.

Breathwork vs. Meditation

HK: Yeah I would yawn a lot in the beginning too. It was kind of weird but just one after the other, after the other. So maybe you could shift gears a little bit into the results have you seen. Maybe experiences helping people with abundance or other types of issues that they have been working on.

JP: I would say that like all of the net, net result of breathwork is that if you come in, I think one of the beautiful things about breathwork is if you take up a meditation practice it’s going to be three years before you see the results of meditation.

If you go to a seven day meditation retreat that’s going to pop it in pretty quick. But if you get up and go hey, I’m going to meditate every morning for 20 minutes, it’s probably three years before you see any noticeable results.

That’s not a problem of meditation. A lot of that’s just a problem of our of our busy lives and it takes that long to slow your mind down and look at it.

One of the beautiful things about breathwork is after the first two hour session, you know if there was a result, and you felt it.

The Breathwork Afterglow

JP: One of the beautiful things for us as facilitators is that there’s a three or four day afterglow that takes place after breathwork, where you’re not as stressed, you’re more in harmony everything’s a little bit easier, and life seems to flow.

It’s just it is a more relaxed more chill life.

So that is one of the things that greatly entertains us is because it is just breathing. People do their very best to explain it away.

They’re like: It couldn’t have been the breathwork, it had to be it had to be this supplement that I started taking six weeks ago finally kicked in this week.

So for us, it’s always entertaining to hear what story they’re going to tell about why their life was so much better for three or four days after breathwork, and then it wore off. But for sure it wasn’t the breathwork.

So that is entertaining.

But what we’ve seen is people who people who come once a week for three months have truly life-changing results.

If you come once, you’re gonna be great for three or four days, it is going to level you up.

But if you come once a week for for three months, what it’s really doing for you, and this is across all aspects of your life, is it’s making you more of who you are and you’re able to achieve your full potential.

Getting Into Alignment

JP: I think most of the people walking around are probably at less than 50 percent of what they’re capable of. What their true abilities are, are like double what they’re doing right now at the very least, across all aspects, relationships, time, career, finances.

It doesn’t matter what it is that once they start putting that effort into them and they are showing up as their authentic self they’re showing up as their best self that that they start to receive that in their life and it’s not a you know I talk about.

When I started this, I was making a hundred thousand plus dollars a year. So I was doing well, but I was also white-knuckling it, every day all freaking day man.

I was giving it everything I have to barely keep this level of results, and now I’ve probably tripled those results in my life and it takes almost no effort at all.

When you show up as your authentic self you don’t have to try, but you’re not really trying. That’s one of the beautiful things about being in a state of flow.

That a state of flow is 100% effort and it’s also zero effort. You are at 100 of what you’re capable of, but it doesn’t feel like it takes any effort and that’s one of the crazy things about flow.

You’re 100% committed, you’re 100% of what you can accomplish or what you can do, but it doesn’t feel like it takes any strain on you.

I would say that is what the long-term result is across all areas.

I say hey, if you want more money, yeah be yourself. Yeah you want better relationships, be yourself. That there is a version of you that is just completely magnificent and when that magnificent version shows up it gets a lot easier.

HK: I personally had that experience doing some energy work and feeling like myself for the first time and that was like a it’s a crazy thing like I’ve never felt it before. You rediscover it somehow and it was the first step in the process for me. So like I totally would get what you’re talking about.

Why Breathwork Works

HK: So why do you think breathwork works? What do you think like the basic mechanism behind it might be?

JP: Okay so the my theory is that breathwork is the most reliable method to enter your subconscious.

Almost any long-term changes that you’re going to make in your life have to come from your subconscious.

People all the time talk about the elephant and the monkey.

Your conscious mind is the monkey sitting on top of an elephant, and your subconscious mind is the elephant that’s moving around.

It’s only when the elephant decides to cooperate with the monkey that it that it gets lined up.

So I did some math on that to figure that out because clearly our subconscious is much more powerful than our conscious mind. So subconsciously, we are taking in about 11 million bits of information per second across all five of our senses.

That’s how we gather information.

It’s how we gather that data with all five senses. Consciously, we are able to process 125 bits of information per second.

So there’s a little delta there.

Also, when someone’s talking to you, that is 65 bits of information per second, which is why you can’t follow two conversations at the same time.

You can almost do it but not quite. The reason is it’s like: Hey I’m 10 to 15 bits over my capacity for processing.

So my conscious mind can’t do it. So to put that in perspective if this were money, your sub your conscious mind is budgeting $1, and your subconscious mind is budgeting $92,500 and you’re like: I am going to really, really focus on this one dollar and that’s going to make a difference.

It’s not, you don’t have a chance.

So I think what we do when we set our intentions is we are sending a programming signal to our subconscious mind to have it to have it reprogrammed, to have it have it set a new parameter.

So I think what happens over that time is that it’s a peak experience that gives you access to your subconscious mind and through changing the subconscious through reprogramming that subconscious, and getting those things in alignment, that you’re in alignment with yourself, which is what allows you to be yourself.

When your mind, your heart, your body, and your thoughts are all in one line, then it’s easy.

You’re in alignment.

If we looked at a car and one tire was clearly turned at 45 degrees we’d be like: You gotta you gotta fix that if you want to go anywhere fast.

Yet people consistently want to be rich, but say that people are evil and scummy. It’s like well, which one of those is your mind actually going to roll with?

You’re not going to allow yourself to be a richer if you actually think rich people are terrible. so one of those views needs to go.

Either you need to accept that like: I’m pretty happy to be a middle class, or meet some wealthy people. They are actually terrific people because most of the actual wealthy people I’ve met are wonderful, generous people.

HK: Yeah that makes a lot of sense. So is there anything we missed do you think you want to talk about or you think that’s vital to the breathwork experience?

JP: I think that’s really it. I think we we’ve covered a lot of it.

Breathwork for Abundance

JP: You know, if you want abundance, if you want wealth, if you are aligned with yourself it’s going to be easy.

You’re not necessarily going to be Jeff Bezos, just like if you take up a fitness program you’re not going to be Mr Olympia. Not everybody who lifts weights is going to be Mr Olympia, but everybody who lifts weights is going to get bigger, is going to get stronger, is going to get better.

Everybody who creates that alignment with themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually about wealth, about abundance, about success, they will be able to achieve that more easily and it’s probably a lot more than they expect.

It’s probably a lot higher than they expect. The results that they’ll be able to achieve is probably more than they anticipated.

I know every time I set a goal and I feel like I’m doing great in life, somebody comes along and says: You know it’d be great if you did this and I’m like: I was barely holding on here and there’s an even bigger picture that I need to fulfill?

Now give me a minute…okay we’ll do that too.

HK: Yeah always a bigger picture. I really appreciate what you guys are doing it’s had a huge positive impact on my life so, I really recommend people checking you guys out.

Where can people find you if they want to get more information or go to a class?

Get in Touch with Jake

JP: Okay, you can go to our website, Breath.Energy. There’s no.com that’s, the whole website and that’s our our company name.

We’re also on the socials:

HK: Cool, awesome. Check them out guys and thanks a lot Jake!

Learn more about Jake and take an online or in-person class at: Breath.Energy in Tempe, Arizona.

I highly recommend taking a class.


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