Crypto Games and Positive Reinforcements

How often do we really get the rewards we deserve? Most of you would go with- rarely. Now, rewards can play a very essential role in motivating a person to either do action more or to refrain from doing it. For example, you decide to watch one episode of your favourite sitcom if you finish studying for a test in the next two hours, or you decide to treat yourself with nice, yummy ice cream because successfully curbed your screen time. We all know this principle of positive reinforcements, things that encourage us to do better. In economics, this is applied in the system of allied incentives.

The allied incentive is that thing when an employee is given incentives or perks, according to their input or performance. Like giving sales commission on each sale a salesperson is successfully able to make, or a bonus upon making a successful deal with an important client. Not only does it boost employee morale, but it also increases their productivity and helps them feel encouraged and motivated.

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Award ceremonies to commend the work of some exceptional employees also work the same way, but let us focus on just the incentives. Let us consider that example where an employee is able to crack a deal with an important client, and got a significant bonus for that. What did the employer get? Definitely much more than a bonus.

Crypto games are spiking the interests of investors at a very speedy rate. Why is that? You not only play games which give you entertainment and relaxation, but also get paid for it! Paid, but in the form of NFTs or cryptos in the immediate way, which you can later convert into real money. When venture capitalist puts their stakes into a startup or a company, they get the equity share of that company. As and when the company becomes bigger and stronger, the venture capitalist can sell their equity and earn huge, huge profits from it.

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Similarly, in crypto games, you can sell your rewards and earn profits from them, all the while just having fun. This very fact is bringing in more gamers who ‘play-to-earn’ and is consequently boosting this industry a lot. Play games and you get fun + assets!

Where are we going with all this? Today, the world is crippled with many socio-economic issues, employees are having a hard time earning good wages. As a result of which, a trend can be observed of many turning to play-to-earn gaming as a side gig. This is also boosting the Crypto and NFT industries in a way. It is a win-win in all respects.

The gamer gets fun and assets, the company gets economic activity, and another industry is developed all the way. Maybe, the future generation would not get to write an imaginary essay on “What will happen if we start getting paid to have fun?”.

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