Customers Of Apple iPad Air 5 Were Making Complaints About The Build Quality Of The Product

Customers Of Apple iPad Air 5 Were Making Complaints About The Build Quality Of The Product
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An announcement about the introduction of the Apple iPad Air 5 was recently made. It is an advanced version of the Apple iPad family. The screen and specs make it different from the other versions. It is being observed that the outer quality of the tool is not up to Mark while the internal quality of the iPad has improved. The internal features of the iPad are much better than the earlier versions. 

The customers who have recently what the newly launched Apple iPad Air 5 have made many complaints about the outer case of the iPad. According to the customers, the aluminum casing is not up to the mark and is not portable so it could be held easily. The customers reported that they received a void perception on holding the gadget. The customers also do not take that the light force of the gadget is also making the display distorted or uncomfortable. The complaints were received through a thread on Reddit using Mac Rumors. The Apple customers majorly made these complaints regarding the outer quality of the product. 

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One of the complaints describes that the customer was shocked on receiving the order of two Blue iPad AIR 2022. According to the complaint, the new iPad aluminum case is much thinner than the iPad 5. The customer says that they can sense the battery inside the gadget on holding it. The customer also noted that he is disappointed with both of the products. Both the gadgets were making noises on being held. According to the customers, the Apple iPad 4 was much better than this one. Furthermore, not only was one customer making such complaints but many other similar complaints were reported. 

The only complaints regarding the internal quality of the products were received on Reddit otherwise there were no complaints. Also, the professional reviews and testers did not meet a notice about this concerning the product. But the complaints can’t be neglected because they were made in use numbers. The huge number of complaints indicate that there may be a real issue with the outer quality of the product.

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