Facebook to Roll Out ‘Split Payments’ Feature on Messenger for U.S. Users

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It could soon be possible for partners to split their utility or restaurant bills through Facebook Messenger.

Facebook (social media company) is currently in the last stage of testing with such a feature called “Split Payments,” which will enable two or more users of the app to share the cost of bills and expenses between them.

According to the social media company, this new feature will be a “free and fast” method for taking care of finances using the Messenger app.

The company said it would be launching the app’s new feature in the United States sometime next week.

Users can access the Split Payments feature by clicking on the “Get Started” button in a group chat on Messenger or using the Payments Hub in the app. Users will have the option to either divide a bill to be paid equally among themselves or change the contribution amount for each right in the group chat itself. The initiator of the payments can also exclude themselves from the payment option.

Further, users will also be able to send personalized messages along with the split.

The app asks the user to confirm their Facebook Pay details to split payment. After that, the app will send a request from the initiator to split a bill to the related group chat thread where the other users can view it.

“If you’ve struggled with dividing up (and getting paid back for) group dinners, shared household expenses, or even the monthly rent, it’s about to get easier,” Facebook said in a blog post about the new feature.

The company’s latest move into the digital payments arena follows up by the launch of Venmo-like QR codes on Messenger a few months ago that allows person-to-person payments. The feature was launched in the U.S.  and used by any user to request money or send money to another user through Facebook Pay — even if one of the users is not on the Facebook platform. A user can access this code-based payment option through the “Facebook Pay” section in Messenger’s settings.

Launched in 2019, Facebook Pay was intended to be a method for making payments and ultimately transform it into a digital payments system using the company’s various apps. Facebook aims not only to enable person-to-person payments but also to help make payments for e-commerce and donations.

Split Payments debuted alongside a slew of additional Messenger upgrades. Those upgrades included four new groups of AR effects created in collaboration with designers Emma Chamberlain, Zach King, Bella Poarch, and King Bach.

The firm has just released two new “Stranger Things” Soudmojis, emojis that create a sound when sent within Messenger. It also launched a new chat theme, Facebook said. As a commemoration of the release of “Red,” a new Taylor Swift Soudmoji was also recently launched by Messenger. Messenger also released a new Taylor Swift Soudmoji

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