Fintech Start-up’s Airwallex Is Launching Payment Services In Singapore

Airwallex is an Australia based fintech platform that will introduce payment services in Singapore after being granted an MPI license by the monetary authority of Singapore. 

The company’s operations in South Asia got boosted after getting the license by the monetary authority of Singapore. A full suite of payment services that include digital payments, global account issuance, domestic and cross border money transfer and multi-currency wallets to businesses in Singapore by Airwallex. 

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This payment service of Airwallex’s will give customers the ability to receive funds locally in Singapore dollars. It will make their businesses more reachable to the marketplace in the county. Other services they provide are multiple companies and employees cards and spend management.

“Singapore is a major international hub for global technology and innovation supported by different business communities, major financial services institutions and a growing talent pool.

Many Singapore businesses like small, medium or large enterprises still face challenges with international payments. They are looking for better partners like Airwallex that help them tackle that cross-border payment complexity. Since we were founded, we have enabled the global growth of many businesses “, said the CEO of Airwallex, Nazim Ali.

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Airwallex was founded in 2015, and its headquarters are in Melbourne and Australia. Airwallex operates across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America with more than 1000 employees in 19 locations worldwide. September 2021 in Malaysia, Airwallex got the money service business license, and Airwallex is planning to launch its business license in the coming months. This company recently raised $300 million in a funding round at a valuation of $5.5 billion.

We can also say Airwallex is an online payment company that started by giving businesses a cheap and fast way to make international payments. Now it has expanded its business, and now they are offering bank accounts, debit cards, domestic payments and international payments

It is approved by various regulators that it can handle customers funds and excise departments.

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