FintechCashier Expands Global Reach: Collaborates With HWGC

FintechCashier Expands Global Reach: Collaborates With HWGC
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The FintechCashier platform, recently launched by the London-based pioneer in online payment solutions, Fintech Digital Solutions Private Limited, has partnered with several renowned companies from across the world to expand its reach. Recently, it collaborated with another well-known company, the Malaysian-based Financial Services firm HWGG Capital Public Limited Company’s Finance Application, HWGCash App (HWGC). 

Fintech Digital Solution Private Limited’s Founder and Director, Shalom Dodoun, stated that the collaboration of their company with HWGG Capital P.L.C. is vital to carry out their objective, which is to bring a revolution in the way cash transactions are made by providing their customers, who are on various parts of the world, with a single secure, flexible and compliant Integrated Payment Ecosystem.

HWGC’s Founder and Chairman, Gavin Lim, stated that their Banking Application would be handling all the services related to Digital Asset Trading that FintechCashier provides to its Malaysian Customers. The company’s objective is to widen its reach across Middle Eastern countries and European nations, including the United Kingdom. 

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Some of the companies FintechCashier made partnerships with before HWGC include: RippleNet, AGO, PayPal, Alipay, Santander Group, Neosurf, MyBank, Multibanco, Bancontact, MasterCard Inc, Visa Inc, Klarna Bank AB, SafetyPay, Nuvei, Bank of Lithuania, ClearBank, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (B.B.K.), QuikiPay, eMerchantPay, Hamilton Reserve Bank, SUm and Substance Limited (Sumsub), E-Comprocessing (ECP), and a few more.

The FintechCashier platform has a global reach, providing its services in more than 150 nations. Some of the various countries covered by this Global leader are Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, El Salvador, Chile, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany.  

FintechCashier is an innovation-driven platform that provides quick and accurate online services to its customers to make money transfers and payments. The most significant element about FintechCashier is its range of services; the platform can cater to every service required in the current digitized world.

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