Waltham, Mass.-based Commonwealth Financial Network said it has added Noreen Beaman, the former president of Orion Advisor Solutions and CEO of Brinker Capital, to its advisory board. Beaman joins seven industry executives on the board, including Mark Tibergien, former CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions, Sanjiv Mirchandani, former president of National Financial Services, and five Commonwealth executives.

Beaman currently also serves as the vice chair of the board of directors for Orion, which acquired Brinker in 2020. She spearheaded the post-merger integration with Brinker, until she left Orion last year.

In her role on Commonwealth’s advisory board, she’ll advise the firm on strategic plans and future growth. Specifically, she expects to be in on the conversations around digital engagement and the firm’s product lineup.

“It’s kind of an opportunity to maybe bring some new ideas to the table, whether it’s through technology initiatives or new investment products—those are the kinds of things based on my experience that I can shed a little bit of light on,” she said.

Beaman recently earned her master’s degree in organizational consulting and executive coaching from New York University, and she hopes to use that knowledge as well.

“What I’m able to bring to the table now is a perspective of the changing landscapes of employment in the sense of humans at work,” she said. “The people element, which is part of the business I love the most, is having those conversations about what does work look like in the future.”

She’s also starting her own executive coaching and consulting business, where she’ll likely work with wealth management executives but is also open to working with other industries.

“I had a great run. I loved what I was doing. But it’s an opportunity—if I can help other professionals be successful and achieve their goals—that’s something I’m interested in doing next,” she said. “I had an executive coach that changed my life, and was really instrumental in not only making me a better leader but more importantly making me really love work again. The CEO job is hard. It’s lonely, so it’s kind of nice to have a support model.”


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