GoCardless Has Become One Of The Highly Desirable Fintechs In The U.K.

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GoCardless, a payment firm, is being listed as a unicorn. This became possible only after the Series-G funding. It was funded by investors like Permira and Black Rock Equity Partners, who are famous for their extraordinary knowledge and experience in the tech field. The company expects to create a powerful banking system that would enable payments to travel with fewer restrictions and reduce unnecessary expenses. 

GoCardless is valued at almost $2 billion and has become one of the most desirable fintech firms in the UK. It was also able to grow by about $300m, individually. It also implied that the company would be looking forward to launching new products and globalization policies.

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The adoption and acceptance of open banks across the world is resulting in a transition to a more diversified payment system. This was also remarked by the CEO and co-founder of GoCardless, known as Hiroki Takeuchi

“The rise of open banking presents a once-in-a-generation shift, one that will change the way payments happen all over the world,” he said. “I am delighted to have partners like Permira and BlackRock Private Equity Partners on board, with their global footprint and strong expertise in tech, to support us in building a direct bank payment network that lets payments flow freely, without cards, expiration dates, or extra costs.”

This is also providing a great opportunity for GoCardless to become a global leader in providing access to direct payments.

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The headquarters in London reported that almost seventy thousand enterprises participate in making transactions amounting to $25 billion every year.

It was able to amount to more than $90 by the last month of 2020. Prior to this, it accounted for about $22 in 2017 and about $12.5 in 2013. The company hinted that this funding could be used to improve its operations and technology. It further looks forward to setting standards for all firms across the world to be the best service providers.

Two of the most renowned professionals in the industry are also coming to join GoCardless. We are expecting to see Michael Rouse on the board of directors. We may also see Koen Köppen join hands with GoCardless. They were previously involved as officials at Klarna. This also confirms the humor of the partnership between Klarna and GoCardless, arising out of the event when GoCardless was selected as a payment option by Klarna.

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