How Nvidia Stocks Were Eventually Boosted Today?

How Nvidia Stocks Were Eventually Boosted Today
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The concerned investors of Nvidia, one of the largest semiconductors companies, were displeased with their decision which they reached at the end of a Graphics Technology Conference held in 2022. 

The announcement did not make any sense to the investors as the stocks were already figured out, and there was no possibility of the proclamations they made in the conference. The suggestions made at the conference could not convince the investors to shift their minds. This is not to miss lead anyone, but they proposed offering improved artificial intelligence, making a supercomputer for much-developed robotics, and formulating Omniverse a virtual setup. These suggestions were not found impressive to the investors. It is also possible that the scenario might have altered since the Nvidia stocks were boosted by 5.8% by today morning. 

By yesterday Wall Street refused to invest more in the company as it seemed misleading to the investor. However, Nvidia seems to be conscious of the investor’s reaction as it announces to raise $1 trillion. This step has been undertaken to convince the investors of the company’s reliability. 

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Let’s divide the total market pricing of Nivida’s industry 

● $300 billion for transactions in automation in chips 

● $300 billion for software and Mechanical build-ups 

● $150 billion from mechanical setups of AI-oriented software companies ● $150 billion from Omniverse oriented companies 

● Lastly, $100 as early profit through GeForce Now, which is a video gaming platform 

If you add all of the figures above, it will amount to $1trillion which Nvidia looks up as a market opportunity 

The analyst at Bernstein commented that We could imagine and get an idea about what the metaverse or Omniverse looks like in reality at a global level with the market strategy of Nvidia. Also, the investment bank displays its thankfulness to the company for sharing its broader vision with the market. On the other hand, an analyst at Evercore ISI commented on the news announcement of Nvidia that they claim too prominent figures.

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