How To Turn WhatsApp Business Into A Sales Expert 

How To Turn WhatsApp Business Into A Sales Expert
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We all are well aware of the power of the internet. We can connect to millions of people within a second. Social media platforms are proving to be the backbone in making any business widely known or increasing their sales, as people tend to spend most of their time on these social media platforms. 

Big businesses are bringing commerce to the social media platforms where consumers spend their time. Due to WhatsApp, many small and big companies have grown. The chatbot facility allows owners to interact with their customers and provide customers with the details of the products. WhatsApp proves to be the best and most effective digital channel for buying and selling. 

There are various ways in which users can start a conversation with a business:

1)  If the owner already has a customers number, then through SMS, they can contact. 

2)  Marketers can make a banner or provide consumers with QR codes on main landing pages.

3) Can give missed calls to the consumer or add a “move conversation to WhatsApp” option to your IVR menu.

4) OOH and PR/media are the traditional advertising methods. 

5) Social media channels balance both organic and paid mediums.

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The E-commerce industry is growing day by day. WhatsApp chatbot has become a significant part of every brand’s digital transformation strategy. WhatsApp recently launched UI element sets to revolutionize shopping. Let’s see a few examples of that.


This is a session interactive message meaning you are not required to get it approved from WhatsApp, unlike template messages. 

This contains a selection of up to 30 items from a business inventory.


Single product messages are messages from the business inventory with a single product item. The product is displayed in PDP format.


After viewing products, customers can add them to their shopping cart and send them to a business for commerce on the WhatsApp shopping cart.


India is going cashless, and here WhatsApp provides their customers with the payment on WhatsApp. This comes in handy as customers need not switch between various apps; hence smooth payment can be done.

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