‘’Hyperface’’ Fintech startup raises $1.3M from CRED’S Kunal Shah, better Capital, GFC

Hyperface, a fintech startup, has brought $1.3 million up in funding from financial backers including Cred’s Kunal Shah, Better Capital, and GFC, it said on Monday. 

The startup will utilize the funding to reinforce its tech stage, launch card programs, develop its group, and speed-up development.

Established in 2021 by R.V. Ramanathan, ex-CTO of  Juspay, and banker turned-business visionary Aishwarya Jaishankar, Hyperface assists organizations with launching their own credit card program in merely 1-2 months, rather than 1-2 years.

Ram and Aishwarya set up their company ‘Hyperface’ after knowing that Fintechs, Neobanks, and other firms generally go through a perplexed and long procedure to launch their own credit card and programs.

Even after organizations figured out how to clear those obstacles, engagement was an issue, which existing models didn’t as expected settle.

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