I2C Collaborates With Wirex To Provide A New Financial Solution

I2C Collaborates With Wirex To Provide A New Financial Solution
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i2c made its partnership exclusively official with Wirex. This partnership made it possible to avail crypto-based cards not only in markets of the European regions and the Asia Pacific regions but also in the United States. It also provides an excellent opportunity for the financial company to expand its services in the US market. It would enable the Wirex cardholders of the United States to perform control over a variety of currencies, including cryptocurrencies using a single Card. US Wirex cardholders will also benefit from collaboration. They will earn rewards in cryptocurrencies and relaxation from unusual costs. 

The CEO of Wirex expressed his excitement to launch this new card to the market. He further said that is made possible only after four years of hard work that they have done with i2c. Also, the CEO of i2c expressed gratitude and said that they are happy to provide a medium through which Americans can avail cryptocurrencies services more readily.

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This digital tool resulting from this collaboration between Wirex and i2c will allow individuals of the United States to receive and process transactions among 80m businesses globally. This tool would also include advanced features to make operations more convenient.

Wirex is one of the leading payments companies across the industry. It has set up landmarks in the world of payments. It also became the first company globally to provide its customers with a medium to make transactions in cryptocurrencies. The firm’s vision is to make transactions in cryptocurrencies more convenient and accessible. They can also track the future of the industry with it by adopting blockchain technology to their company. It has also attained a vast customer base ranging from four million users. They have also launched features that imply their involvement in the metaverse. The foundation is steadily developing to meet the needs and sustain its position in the market. At the same time, i2c is a company that provides SaaS services and assistance in technology.

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