Japanese Currency Yen Fell Down As Bank Of Japan Interrupted Government Bond Yield From Rising Above

Japanese Currency Yen Fell Down As Bank Of Japan Interrupted Government Bonds Yield From Rising Above
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On Monday, the Yen fell drastically as the Bank of Japan limited government bond yield from surpassing the set target, while on the other hand, the bitcoin went up. The Bank of Japan announced that interested one could purchase unlimited amounts of Japanese bonds for 10 years at 0.25 percent. 

The dollar increased to as high as yen 123.1, and the report says since December 2015, it has been the strongest. 

Shinichiro Kadota, the senior currency strategist at Barclays in Tokyo, gave his views on this news,“he thinks that risk is still present there, especially if this monetary policy division story will stay. The procedure was a little bit fast and seemed warm, so we can expect some changes if you see any contradictory statements.” (SOURCES: JAPAN TIMES)

The 10 years government yield was 2.5046 percent which rose by 33 percent last week.

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Expensive or luxurious goods prices are also creating trouble for Yen as they add to Japan’s trade deficit while encouraging the commodity currencies. 

Analysts at Barclays, on the monetary policy division and the negative impact from higher commodity prices, said that the “risk of the near term correction increased, and they expect Japanese Yen to remain constant at a high level. “

The highlights for the week will be U.S. employees on Friday with an increase of 475000 is expected with the jobless rate.

The U.S. data will show that putting control on financial conditions will open doors for the broader economy, said analysts at Natwest markets.

Monetary policy must remain loose, said a Japanese government official on Monday.

The BOJ or bank of japan is the central bank of Japan, also called Nichigin in short. Headquarters are at Chuo and Tokyo. Matsukata Masayoshi is the founder of the bank of japan; it was founded on 10 October 1882.

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