Jifiti to introduce an Innovation

Jifiti to introduce an Innovation
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Jifiti, A technology company that works with banks, lenders, merchants. Its ownership is labeled as per the preference of the user. Also, it is one of the leading technologies in the BNPL platform that offers immediate services. On January 20, buy now pay later ( BNPL) introduced split payment options to its customers.

With this addition in their services, they also stand out in the market by eliminating third parties that were earlier used to communicate with consumers and ensuring them more privacy than any other platform. This innovation would also help them to increase their revenue and minimize expenditure.

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Also, with this introduction, Jifiti increased its services and became a one-stop solution for many problems. A consumer can avail several benefits by just one platform. It would also increase its market value, which would also turn more investors and customers towards it.

With growing awareness, countries across the world are turning towards BNPL. According to data, 40% of the population turned to BNPL, among which 50% had personal reasons while 50% didn’t like credit cards. Also, from five years from today, Jifiti expects overall business transactions around $700 billion.

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People, especially in markets of Asia, have always preferred diverse options for payment instead of spot transactions. Thus these markets alone can provide an opportunity to increase the revenue by 50 % within a year. 

With the pandemic, people across the globe turned towards the online platform. They understand the advantage of using various platforms. Now every individual has an abundance of options with which it becomes highly essential to update your technology and operations.

The presence of e-commerce services and shift towards payments also increase the popularity of BNPL among users. With this innovation, Jifiti is expected to challenge other BNPL platforms like Alibaba and Tencent.

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BNPLBuy now, pay later (BNPL) is a financing option that allows customers to purchase something now and pay for it later in three or more payments over a specified interest-free period.

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