Lamborghini has Unveiled its First NFT, a Space Themed Artwork; Soon to be Auctioned

Lamborghini has Unveiled its First NFT, a Space Themed Artwork; Soon to be Auctioned
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NFTs’ popularity has grown immensely over the recent months, with these exclusive pieces often taking the form of digital drawings, music, or art. By being non-fungible, they’re unique and can’t be traded for any other commodity. For example, one piece of art cannot be exchanged for another identical piece of art.

NFTs are being considered as the future of art trading. NFT gives you ownership of that unique piece of art, though it can technically be copied or downloaded. A person can own an original, whereas duplicates can be easily made and sold but won’t command a similar price tag.

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Now, Lamborghini wants a piece of the action as they have announced the first NFT (non-fungible token) project in the company’s history. The Italian supercar company began putting up Social media posts around the theme “To the Moon” campaign last month and hinted at it. The space-themed artwork – the so-called Lamborghini Space Key – has been officially revealed and will soon be auctioned.

Developed by an “undisclosed artist,” The ‘Space Key’ is a piece of advanced carbon fiber composite the company sent to the International Space Station for a joint research project. After all relevant tests for research, the carbon fiber piece has since returned to earth and is now a part of the space key. Instead of letting it sit on the shelf and get covered by the dust, it’s been turned into five Space Keys. Each has a unique QR code on the back and is linked to the same artist’s exclusive and purely digital artwork.

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Chairman and CEO of Automobile Lamborghini, Stefan Winkelmann, said that Innovation is deeply rooted in Lamborghini’s DNA. As the company leader, they are pushing the boundaries with their joint research project in space. Now entering into the metaverse proves that Lamborghini is always cruising to new heights. The world of NFT has been calling the company, and they’re excited to get associated with the very passionate and innovative community.

What sets this NFT apart from most others is that buyers will receive a physical object – one that’s journeyed to space and back. Typically, NFTs are non-interchangeable data stored on a blockchain, usually associated with digital files like artwork, photos, videos, and audio.  

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