Mark Borton Joins MonetaGo To Lead Australia And New Zealand Operations

Mark Bortan joins MonetaGo to Lead Australia and New Zealand Operations
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MonetaGo is a leading platform that provides practical solutions globally to various concerns regarding trading and financing. It is also one of the very few firms worldwide that provide such services aiming at financial solutions. This financial technology firm formulates solutions mainly for financial issues for both the regions within and across the border.

By facilitating smoother trading operations, MonetaGo has been successfully contributing towards establishing a base for its expansion, complying with the standards of international policies that are executed and framed for the benefit of the financial institutions across the world. This will help the company mark its footprint and expand its services across various nations. It has been recognized and validated for its trusted services and operations. It also provides more comprehensive assistance to reduce fraudulent practices and practical solutions for the users. 

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MonetaGo also employs Mark Borton as a step towards expanding its organization and promoting more advancement. He is designated as the Managing director for Australia and New Zealand. He has gathered knowledge and experience in the dimensions of financing and trading over the years. He has contributed to the development and progress of various projects in the sectors of trading and financing. He has mainly worked for industries belonging to the Asia Pacific regions. Before this, he was involved as the head of the department for handling trade, transactions and working capital for eleven years at National Australia Bank (NAB). He was responsible for performing double roles at this institution. He has also been a member of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and at Standard Chartered for 25 years. He has also served in Hong Kong and North-East Asia.

CEO and founder of MonetaGo remarked their eagerness to work with Borton. He believes in the profound knowledge and skills that Borton has gathered over the years. He was found engaged as chairperson and board of directors at BAFT or Bankers Association for finance and trade and ICC Australia Banking committee.

He expects that his involvement in the institution would help bring laurels to the institution.

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