Modifi to Provide Digital Trade Finance to Tradeling Users

modifi tradeling partnership

As we all know, Tradeling may be a hyper-growing e-marketplace that focuses on business-to-business transactions within the MENA region has signed a partnership agreement with MODIFI.

Global trade is the need of the hour for development around the world. Many SMEs can’t afford to do business internationally without access to finance and trade management tools. To help such companies, MODIFI is launched.

It is a worldwide fintech company that helps buyers and sellers manage and finance their trades, supports Tradeling’s users with digital trade finance, boosts their liquidity, and secures better payment terms. With Modifi’s solution, Tradeling will provide buyers with favorable payment terms. They will be given 30,60 or 90 days to pay whichever they are comfortable with.

Two things are necessary to grow in the market: one is buyer’s purchasing power and secondly,providing additional liquidity to sellers, which can be achieved through this plan. Co-Founder and CEO of MODIFI, Nelson Holzner said that he believes that trade may be a key driver for development around the globe. They are keen to enable local buyers and sellers to grow and expand their businesses globally.

As we all know, the situation’s demand says to go digital, and one can go for a digital trade finance solution. Led by a team of experienced technology startup builders with strong financial support through Dubai Airport Freezone. Tradeling strive to become the most search and sourcing tool for buyers across the region. Whether you are a business owner or a purchase manager, Tradeling is a simple, reliable, and secure eMarketplace for your purchasing needs.

Today, Tradeling has over 100,000 registered buyers and sellers from 55 countries with gross merchandising value growth of quite 65% month over month

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