Musk’s Neuralink Claims That Monkeys Were Not Hurt In The During Brain-Chip Research

Musk's Neuralink claims that monkeys were not hurt in the during brain-chip research
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It came to light last week that 15 monkeys from a total of 23 monkeys were found dead due to the carelessness of Musk’s Neuralink research team. These reports were claimed by PCRM or Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine against Neuralink and its research team at the University of California under the observation of whom tests were conducted. But these reports were considered false by the institution. 

These reports were sent for legal notice at the US Department of  Agriculture emerging from a legal decorum made public earlier. 

Neuralink also responded to these allegations using online platforms. 

PCM is, a nonprofit organization, suspected this case. PCRM was found claiming that the existing natural state of monkeys’ brains was altered for conducting experiments and left carelessly without any precaution that would lead them to death

They also reported that the research used an unauthorized substance named Bio Glue for conducting, which was harmful to the monkeys’ brains. 

On the other hand, Elon Musk’s company Neuralink said that it has the knowledge and awareness of the medical standard of precautions that must be met while undertaking any experiment. 

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They further confirmed that they are actively implementing all necessary precautions and will do the same in the future. They said that all these claims are humour evolving from confusion and incomplete knowledge on the subject. Several monkeys were suffering from some problems before the undertaking of the experiment.

The monkeys were subjected to a natural death without violent or harmful operations. 

Neuralink also claimed no inhumane gesture was involved while undertaking the experiment. These statements of Neuralink are confirmed to be true IACUC or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and their highly trained medical professionals. They also stated that they met the legal description of precautions and cared to be undertaken and went over them for the sake of the animals’ well-being. They provided their personal property for experimenting with being comfortable and hygienic. 

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Further, all the operations they undertook were noticed by the USDA and AAALAC or Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care.

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