Novatar trend enables Twitter users to have NFTs as their Profile Picture

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There is not a day that goes by in the Crypto industry without any new announcements or some new trends. It was it was not more than 4 months ago that twitter announced its plan to support profile images that had NFTs. While that started as users using NFT images of either digital elements or pixelated beings, now the trend is to have some humane mix in the “picture”. 

While we have the Metaverse industry in full swing, here we have the concept of Novatar gaining momentum in this Twitter trends. Novatar, NFT avatars in its full form, is such an NFT project that brings in the human element of- aging. How does it work? When a Novatar baby is minted in the blockchain, it grows older with each passing day. And guess what! Not only will it age but it will age according to the genetic information of the NFT. But what happens when they become an adult? The system is built in such a way that an adult Novatar will be either of the 5 professionals- astronauts, developers, bloggers, gamers, and much to Asian parents liking, doctors. Considering all the aspects, Novatar might be the bridge that bridges the gap between digital and real worlds. 

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What can we use these Novatars for? We can not only use these NFTs as profile pictures, but also as your representation in the Virtual Reality world. When it comes to Twitter, this new trend is for sure going to pave the way to popularity for Novatar. With this, social media users can use such technology to further build their identity in the digital world. As Novatars also provide choices in races, ages, personalities, it has more representation too. Did we mention about the various cool styles available as well? For all the good reasons to welcome Novatar, another one is its inclusion of the LGBTQ community as well. So, as we can see, Novatar is empowering all the sections of the society in the digital world. 

These digital personalities offered by Novatar, age irreversibly, just like we humans, As in, once a baby Novatar grows into an adult, the NFT cannot go back to the baby stage again. Also, it is important to note that not all Novatars will develop all sexual orientation characteristics or professional growth either. Well, thinking of it from the real-world perspective, this also represents unemployment in the real world as well as those people who do not develop sexual characteristics themselves. 

So, overall, with the inclusion of various races, social communities, few professions, personalities, etc, the Novatar trend is going to develop a new way of portraying social and personal identities in the real world. 

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