“Paradise” In Thailand Café For Crypto Investors

“Paradise” In Thailand Cafe For Crypto Investors
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How many of you would like to have work meetings at a nice café, enjoying delicious beverages and a wide array of dishes while working? Or, how about such a café becomes your office? Well, for those living in Thailand and investing in the digital assets like crypto currencies, HIP café is the perfect location for you. 

This café is situated in the north eastern part of Thailand, and now has evolved into a full-fledged hub of crypto investors. Though it has been existing since 2013, it was not until 2020 that it got a “Crypto” makeover. What is so “crypto” special about this café, you ask? Well, it is not just about a bunch of monitors that display the latest market actions, its also about the free recommendations that the investors get about their investment plans, along with a nice cup of expresso or latte, of course!

Digital assets have been gaining popularity a lot in Thailand lately. Although this has made the regulators apprehensive, for HIP café and its beautiful and relaxing exterior of cherry blossoms, prosperity and customer crowd have been looking up. Investors say that they feel “excited” for meeting people who share similar interests with them, and also find a solace in exchanging information as there are in numerous amounts of crypto traders all over the world. Also, the customers of HIP café mention that they find the large number of screens that display recent market happenings, very helpful. Getting first hand information at a blink helps them make speedy analysis and informed decisions, they say. 

As mentioned earlier, the crypto assets market, also known as the digital assets industry has been gaining quite some momentum in Thailand lately. As much as, a whopping 251 billion Baht, which amounts to $7.62 billion in US dollars have been traded in the digital assets sector in November2021 alone. Also, in the initial days of January 2022 Thailand had revealed its plan to regulate the ‘usage of digital properties’ as funds. This is because it feels that the surging popularity of the crypto assets might harm not only the country’s monetary system but also its overall financial stability. It is not just Thailand that is concerned about this, by the way. Countries like the US, UK, India, China have been worried about the possible harm crypto trading poses to the nation’s financial security and economic stability. Reforms and regulations are still underway in this concern. 

Ever since the café has got a crypto makeover, the workers of the café have been benefitting as well. Manager of this café, which is the current talk of the town, Oakkharawat Yongsakuljinda states that the HIP café has various alternatives in funding available for its clients within the Nakhon Ratchasima province. The café not only gives free consultation about funding but is also planning on initiating its own digital currency coins. As the buying and the selling too will take place within the café, this assures a relatively guaranteed success in the volatile and risky industry. 

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