PM Modi On Mann Ki Baat: Small Online Payments Helping Build A Big Digital Economy In The Country

PM Modi On Mann Ki Baat: Small Online Payments Helping Build A Big Digital Economy In The Country
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed satisfaction over the growing digital payments culture in the country. In Mann Ki Baat program with All India Radio, he said that UPI is fast becoming a part of the country’s economy, and people are transacting through it even in remote villages and small towns. Shri Modi said that digital transactions worth 20 thousand crore rupees are being done every day. Last month it reached around Rs 10 lakh crore.

The Prime Minister said that many new start-ups related to Fin-Tech are also emerging in the country. He cited the example of two girls – Sagarika and Preksha, who experimented with a ‘cashless day out in Delhi. Both use digital payments for their day-to-day expenses. He also did online transactions with roadside street vendors. Shri Modi also mentioned Anandita Tripathi from Ghaziabad, who took advantage of digital transactions during her visit to the Northeast and even in remote areas. The Prime Minister appealed to the people to adopt digital payments with determination.

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The Prime Minister said in Mann ki Baat that technology is changing the lives of common people. It has also made the life of Divyang easier and enabled them to reach new heights. He said that the government is making continuous efforts to make the resources and infrastructure accessible to the differently-abled. Shri Modi said that many start-ups and organizations are doing inspiring work in this direction. He mentioned one such organization – Voice of Specially Abled Peoples. It has created a digital art gallery of paintings of artists with disabilities.

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