November 30, 2023

Rocket Lab, the aerospace manufacturer and small satellite launch service provider, has announced its plans to resume Electron rocket launches before the year’s end. This move comes following a setback in September, where one of its Electron launches experienced an in-flight failure. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), responsible for overseeing the investigation into the incident, has granted Rocket Lab the authorization to restart Electron launches from its New Zealand-based facility.

Rocket Lab‘s CEO, Peter Beck, stated, “Our investigation team with FAA oversight has worked around the clock since the moment of the anomaly to uncover all possible root causes, replicate them in test, and determine a path for corrective actions to avoid similar failure modes in the future. We look forward to sharing the details of the review once it is fully complete.”


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As a result of this positive development, Rocket Lab‘s stock price surged by approximately 5% in after-hours trading, reflecting investor confidence in the company’s capabilities and their trust in the upcoming review process.

The completion of the review is anticipated in the coming weeks, signalling that Rocket Lab is nearing the conclusion of the investigation and is eager to share the findings with stakeholders and the public. This transparent approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing the incident, learning from it, and taking corrective measures to ensure the safety and reliability of its future launches.

The September launch that encountered difficulties marked Rocket Lab’s 41st Electron vehicle mission. The company has earned a reputation as the second most active U.S. orbital rocket launcher, following closely behind SpaceX. Despite the setback, Rocket Lab remains a significant player in the growing small satellite launch market and has been contributing to the increasing accessibility of space for a wide range of customers.

In addition to their efforts to resume Electron launches, Rocket Lab is gearing up to report its third-quarter results after the market’s closing on November 8. This report will provide insight into the company’s financial performance, its ability to weather setbacks, and its overall outlook in the rapidly evolving space launch industry.

As the space sector continues to expand and diversify, companies like Rocket Lab play a crucial role in providing affordable and reliable launch services for satellites, scientific payloads, and commercial ventures. The forthcoming review and resumption of the Electron launch signal Rocket Lab’s determination to maintain its position as a leading player in the space launch industry while ensuring the safety and success of its missions.

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