Welcome to Wealth Management RPA Conversations, where Fred Barstein, contributing editor for WealthManagement.com RPA Edge and CEO at TRAU, TPSU and 401kTV, talks with industry leaders in advance of the Wealth@Work conference.

Today, Fred talks to Jennifer Rayner, founder of Moniwell & Lauren Loehning, partner at Retirement Impact and advisory board member at Moniwell. Both are active RPAs and speakers at the Wealth@Work conference.

Their session is entitled, “Secret Sauce: An Engagement Story.” Financial literacy does not move the needle on financial behavior. This is not because financial literacy is in and of itself useless, the problem is that financial literacy is coming before feelings of financial empowerment and intrinsic motivation. This session will review current research on financial literacy, financial behavior, and change theory. Financial literacy programs could be more powerful if they started with feelings instead of facts and figures.


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