Samsung Debuts Smart TVs that Feature NFT Trading ahead of the 2022 CES TV Lineup

Samsung NFT market place

Samsung is the latest company to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) grabbed the globe by storm in 2021. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, the South Korean tech giant unveiled its “NFT aggregation platform. However, It will be accompanied by its first-ever smart TV. This portal allows users to search for and purchase NFTs through their televisions.

For the uninitiated, NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency that allows people to buy and sell ownership of unique digital things. Also, they can keep track of who owns them via the Blockchain. These can technically contain anything digital, including all forms of art, tweets, music, and even GIFs.

On Samsung smart TVs, the NFT aggregation platform will collect NFTs from different marketplaces. It will allow viewers to preview them, read about their creators, and learn more about the digital art tokens. Furthermore, Users of Samsung’s MicroLed, Neo QLED, and The Frame devices can browse and exchange NFTs, according to the company.

“With the growing popularity of NFTs, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented watching and purchase landscape has never been higher,” the business stated in a statement. “In 2022, Samsung will launch the world’s first TV-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator. A ground-breaking platform that allows you to browse, purchase, and show your favorite art in one location.”

Meanwhile, ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in 2022, Samsung has announced its newest MICRO LED, Neo QLED, and Lifestyle TVs.

It’s worth noting that the firm made the news before CES 2022. Which starts out on January 5 in Las Vegas. However, due to the increased incidence of coronavirus variant Omicron, prominent IT giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Lenovo will not be physically present at CES 2022.

In the cryptocurrency realm, NFTs are setting new marks. So far, people have spent almost $9 billion on NFTs. According to Chainalysis’ NFT market report for 2021, roughly $26.9 billion worth of NFTs were traded across all NFT markets, demonstrating the industry’s growing dominance.

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