Sundar Pichai Appreciates Africa’s Rapid Digitization Growth: Google and African Governments Collaborate

Sundar Pichai
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The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, recently stated at the African Union Summit Business Forum that the continent is taking a big leap towards Digitization. He has appreciated the various major steps taken by the leaders of the African nations that have led to remarkable economic progress in the face of several grave obstacles. 

For a while now, Google has been collaborating with the governments of countries in Africa, working on providing their citizens with access to modern technology. The American Tech Giant is even planning to invest around a billion dollars in the continent over the next five years in order to accelerate the pace of digital transformation.

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Some of the initiatives that Google intends to implement in Africa are to improve and increase the reach of internet access in all parts of the continent, invest in technology-based start-ups, provide funding to small-scale as well as non-profit tech-based firms, and also complete the Equiano subsea cable that goes through Africa’s West Coast, connecting Portugal and South Africa.

One of the most significant investments made by Google in the African startup ecosystem is the Ugandan transportation network organization, SafeBoda. The funding helped the start-up expand the reach of its transportation-led app across Uganda and Nigeria by providing newer services in payment and finance. Google’s investment in SafeBoda will also help the firm increase its customer base, which is composed of drivers, passengers, as well as merchants.

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The co-founder of SafeBoda, Ricky Rapa Thomas, stated that the company is delighted to have Google join them on their journey to carry out their mission in order to achieve their vision. The start-up is also thrilled to keep on bringing in innovative ideas for Africa’s informal transportation sector, i.e., the BodaBoda, which refers to motorcycle cab drivers.

Africa has rapidly become a place for technological innovations, and also for finding solutions to various global issues as well as its own continent’s problems. Foreign investments have been pouring into the continent, funding tech start-ups since an increasing number of African consumers and businesses are moving towards digital platforms to carry out their day-to-day chores. There’s a digital transformation taking place in Africa, and Google has seen the potential and opportunities the continent has in store. 

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