Swedish Startup My Telescope Secures €2.5 Million For Its Market Intelligence Software

Swedish startup My Telescope secures €2.5 million for its market intelligence software
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My Telescope, a platform that provides software to marketers and brands for analyzing the soundness of their strategy for their investment in marketing and maintaining a broader vision, raised capital of about Euro 2.5 million. Vendep Capital and Trind VC enforced this initiative. 

With the help of my Telescope, marketers can more easily convince their management, clients, or external stakeholders about their investment strategy in the market. The platform is assisting many companies in withstanding the market competition and tackling future scenarios that could be challenging by providing data and analytics for making practical actions and decisions. The broader impact of ongoing market rituals, soundness of the brand, calculative enforcement of the initiative on a practical basis of the market is being well monitored by my Telescope with the help of the Share of the Search tool. 

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According to the Founder and CEO Rodrigo Pozo Graviz, it has been observed earlier that a lot of investment has been made in creating or setting up a brand. Still, almost no result has been received for achieving the objectives on a practical basis. All these conflicts that the industries invested money in a bottomless pot and waited for a considerably extended period to expect returns from it. Although it has been scientifically verified that there is some relationship between the statistics of how much money people hold shares or earn and the data or analytics of their searches. Analytical data based upon practical research, statistics and data recordings available on the Share of Search of My Telescope supports the marketing industries to establish their much more decisive influence in a shorter period and fluent way. 

The soundness of your brand can be well detected by knowing and having the data and statistics of how many people search about you instead of having a notice about your competitors. This would prove to be a much better way to be comparatively cheaper, faster and more powerful. You should also be aware that serial data without any additional information about the user and algorithm is useless for building the brand’s online presence. It is also possible that the searches would have increased due to bad feedback about the brand. Discrimination between good and bad Search engine optimization supports building a better strategy, helping to stand the market competition by detecting the fluctuations.

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