Sweeney Is Now Tracking Russian Oligarchs 

Sweeney Is Now Tracking Russian Oligarchs
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Jack Sweeney, the student from the University of Florida who came to light for his outstanding talent of tracking jets. He successfully hijacked the data of private jets of many renowned personalities like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill gates. They were astonished to see a teenager challenging their security standards. 

The 19-year-old Sweeney successfully made clever attempts to track the personal jets by hacking data from the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. The Federal permits the owner of the planes to curb any such interference in indulgence in working. Companies have been trying to implement this for a long time. 

It recently came to news that the National Business Aviation Association has joined hands with the Federal Aviation Association to upgrade jet data safety and security levels through the ICAO program or PIA. 

Previously the FAA stated that it does not have the authority to curb the reach of data to hijackers like Sweeney as they do not use their source for hacking purposes. 

The owner and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, was the one because of whom Sweeney came into the eyes of everyone for the very first time. He was offered by Musk $5000 in return, of which he was expected to stop his hijacking activities considering the safety ethics. Later, Musk refused to pay Sweeney as a code of conduct. 

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A member of NBAA claimed that it is unethical to tolerate such conduct or carelessness towards the safety and security of jet data. If not looked upon as seriously, it may lead to dangerous outcomes against the well-being of jet operations. A lawyer also claimed that Sweeney might need to bear a penalty for his activities. 

David Hernandez considered Sweeney’s intent to track Russian Oligarchs merely as a PR ploy. Banks also claimed that they might regain the ownership of Russian jets for which they do not need help from hackers. 

It is also being heard that NBAA and FAA are working together to curb and make illegal the practice of publishing data of personal jets. A consultant also stated that hackers are continuously attacking his jets. At the same time, Sweeney confirmed that he earns income using advertising and merchandising.

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