The Global Fund Commits Nearly US$800,000 in Emergency Funding for Mass Drug Administration to Internally Displaced People in Mozambique

21 May 2024

GENEVA – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund) has committed nearly US$800,000 to Mozambique to cover the operational costs for a mass drug administration campaign for formerly internally displaced people that have returned to the Palma District, who continue to be impacted by the ongoing violent insurgencies.

Since the conflict in the Cabo Delgado province began in 2017, approximately 48% of households have experienced repeated displacement, according to the International Organization for Migration. Most of the 121,000 inhabitants of the city of Palma have now returned, since it was secured by Mozambican and allied forces.

Returns are taking place in areas where the government’s ability to provide basic social services has been hampered by the destruction of public infrastructure. Additionally, these populations are returning to newly reestablished health facilities where there is uncertainty about reliable access to care. Recent figures indicate that over 50% of health facilities were not functioning and there is a lack of mobile brigades.

“Although the unstable situation in Cabo Delgado is on-going, this time-limited emergency measure will help limit the risk of more deaths from malaria while the primary health care infrastructure is restored and the Ministry of Health prepares for the next mass long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) campaign later in the year,” said Mark Edington, the Global Fund’s Head of Grant Management. “This mass drug administration campaign, which will be conducted between May and July 2024, is intended to be a bridge in transmission reduction for this at-risk population in Palma in anticipation of the next mass LLIN distribution.”

Mozambique has one of the highest HIV, TB and malaria burdens in the world. However, within this challenging operating environment and due in large part to the efforts of advocates and community health workers, the country has achieved solid gains against the three diseases.

To date, the Global Fund has signed over US$3 billion in investments in Mozambique.


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