The Trade Finance Super App from First Digital Trade is Now Available for Download

The Trade Finance Super App from First Digital Trade is Now Available for Download

First Digital Trade is set to introduce a financial Super App that will provide foreign businesses with a comprehensive set of export options.

First Digital Trade, a fintech company based in the United Kingdom and Italy, is being developed owing to the combined efforts of a team of extremely qualified and devoted specialists in Trade Finance, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain development. The combined use of these technologies will allow global trade stakeholders to benefit from increased security, speed, and control over operational and financial activities.

The Super App will allow quick international payment via the platform, invoice financing, electronic bills of lading, company money accounts, and shipping insurance. Still, the most valuable feature will be the ability to establish worldwide legally valid sale contracts on the blockchain.

First Digital Trade is revolutionizing the way trade and trade finance are done today, leveraging the potential of permissionless blockchain technology, IoT, and crypto, with a bank-agnostic framework and a focus on sustainability and financial inclusion for countries with limited financial resources.

Our solution is based on Algorand technology and adheres to the DLPC (Distributed Ledger Payment Commitment), a new financial asset defined by the BAFT (Bankers Association for Finance and Trade). From documentary credit to open accounts, it will cover the whole spectrum of Trade Finance products.

We choose our partners from among the top-tier hi-tech suppliers in this field to give our users the best possible user experience.

Pre-opening subscriptions are now being accepted on First Digital Trade’s website:

What you’ll be able to accomplish using the website is-

First Digital Trade is a novel Fintech that will permit you to trade with anybody globally securely and simply.

  • With our Trustpay system, we can create international digital contracts.
  • Blockchain allows for document traceability.
  • Foreign currency payments and collections
  • Cryptocurrency payments and collections
  • Insurance for transportation

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