Prime stories on Bitcoin, PayPal & El Salvador

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  • Bitcoin trading more than Rs 33 lakh

Cryptocurrency prices remained in the red on September 22. The worldwide Cryptocurrency market cap is Rs 136.32 lakh crores, a 2.42 percent decline in the last day, while all crypto market volume throughout the freshest 24 hours is Rs 10,08,282 crores, which makes an 11.2 percent decline. Nowadays, Bitcoin’s price is Rs 33,47,000, and its dominance is 42.91 percent, an expansion of 0.47 percent over the day.

  • PayPal absolute rollout of cryptocurrency presence in UK

Almost a month after PayPal declared that it would grow its cryptocurrency presence in the UK, the organization has said that they have launched for all qualified PayPal account holders. “We are pleased to report that all qualified PayPal account holders in the UK would now be able to purchase, hold and sell cryptocurrency straightforwardly with PayPal. Download the application or sign in to your account to find out additional information,” PayPal said.

  • El Salvador purchase 150 extra bitcoins, President Nayib Bukele says

El Salvador has purchased 150 more bitcoins, President Nayib Bukele reported, taking the Central American country’s holding of the unpredictable cryptocurrency to 700 coins. “We just purchased a plunge,” Bukele tweeted late on Sunday,  referring to a recent slump in bitcoin prices.

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