USF and Tampa Bay Wave aims to make the region a major fintech hub

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An innovative multi-year partnership between the University of South Florida Muma College of Business and Tampa Bay Wave. Now, launching the FinTech|X Accelerator, with its first unit to be chosen in 2022. 

This accelerator has intended to help high-potential, high-development startups in the fintech, or financial technology, industry through tutoring, pitch instructing, and investment training. The general objective is to change new startups into economical, versatile, and profitable businesses.

“The fintech accelerator will allow our campus to play an active role in the growth of fintech across the Tampa Bay region.” Said Gary Patterson, interim director of the Kate Tiedemann School of Business and Finance. Which is one of six schools within the Muma College of Business. “We are excited to see the new ideas and companies this accelerator generates and what it offers the industry.”

The accelerator tries to make the region a hub for fintech startups and talent. Along with supporting aspiring fintech organizations and business people. The main part of the in-person programming and signature events will occur on USF’s St. Petersburg campus and other venues around the region. It is featuring Tampa Bay’s strong financial industry presence and aptitude while exposing the local business community to arising advancements and plans of action affecting the financial industry.

Fintech refers to the incorporation of innovation into financial services. Online banking, crypto traders, and crowdfunding platforms are all examples of fintech.

The accelerator will start receiving applications at the latest January 1, 2022, from startups all throughout the planet. Startups chosen for the cohort will partake at no expense and without giving up equity in their organizations. Like all of Tampa Bay Wave’s accelerator projects. Beyond the 90-day program, organizations finishing the program have access to six additional six months of mentoring and other resource support at no cost.

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