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In this episode of the WealthManagement EDGE Podcast Nabia Jenkins-Johnston, senior conference producer at WealthManagement.com and Michelle Richter-Gordon, co-founder, Annuity Research and Consulting, explore fiduciary roles and regulatory definitions in the financial world. They unveil the impact of misaligned titles, where financial and investment advisors differ, and the necessity for wealth management. 

Specifically, they cover:

  • Fiduciary roles in financial management
  • Differences between financial and investment advisors
  • The importance of wealth management
  • The significance of insurance and annuities in retirement planning


Connect With Nabia Jenkins-Johnston:

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About Our Guest:

As a co-founder of ARC, I’m hoping to lead by example toward process standardization in best practices for the financial advice profession.


I was born and bred to advise upon prudent risk mitigation and believe that America’s retirees would be better-served by integrating an income-oriented worldview into asset management business models. Since current regulatory standards for advisory services are most often billed through the lens of asset maximization, there is no scalable framework to charge for intellectual property and advisory services that minimize liabilities or smooth income (the functions that insurance performs).


Adding annuities inside DC plans offers an opportunity to innovate here, under the guidance of ERISA prudent process standards. I also have a successful strategic consulting practice advising insurers and financial services companies about how to integrate liability-minimizing services that only insurers can provide.



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