The shift toward passive investing has gained momentum in recent years, driven by the many benefits it is thought to offer: cost-effective, consistent performance, simplicity, market efficiency, and more. But does it always work?

Join the conversation with Zach Stein, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Carbon Collective as he peels back the layers on passive investing strategies, and specifically as they’re applied in the clean investing space. 

Topics covered in this webinar include: 

  • Why passive investing has become dominant
  • Passive Investing’s success is actually creating its weakness: pricing signals
  • How we see this theme play out with a sustainable investment approach

CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, RMA®, and AEP® CE Credits have been applied for and are pending approval.

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Zach Stein

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Carbon Collective


Shannon Rosic – Host

Director of WealthStack Content & Solutions





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