Using recent WMIQ research as a jumping off point, in this episode, David Bodamer speaks with Jay Miller, chief investment officer at Forum Investment Group, exploring the company’s focus on multifamily real estate and the various investment options they offer and emphasizing how alternative investments provide opportunities for average investors to diversify portfolios by accessing asset classes previously limited to institutional investors. 

Jay discusses:

  • Why interest is increasing in alternative investments, including private real estate
  • How advisors can help clients navigate alternative investments
  • The challenge with alternative investments and how technology is making it easier to manage these types of investments
  • The current trends in multifamily real estate 
  • And more


Connect With Jay Miller:

Connect With David Bodamer:

About Our Guest:

Jay brings more than 30 years of real estate investment experience to Forum with demonstrated success developing and executing business strategies, and managing teams and systems. As CIO, Jay oversees the firm’s real estate investment team, chairs Forum’s investment committees, and is responsible for driving the firm’s continued growth through multifamily equity and debt investment opportunities.


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