It is now no longer optional…you must have an online presence! Your career stability and your job search demand it. Here are some tips to help you begin claiming digital terrain and brand it with your unique messaging!

15 ways to own and build digital terrain


Why Should You Own Digital Terrain?

You need to stake a claim by owning turf on the internet.

In other words, if a hiring manager is searching for someone who is well-known for managing projects or developing innovative marketing strategies or successful in managing finances, you want them to find YOU!

Think about the last time you searched for something online. The internet is one huge database of information and that is why people turn to it… to find information.

Recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers use the internet in a similar way to find top talent.

But before you randomly start posting things online, you’ll want to have given some thought to who you want to find you and for what skillsets.

Know Your Differentiator

Before you begin building your online presence and start a visibility campaign, you want to be clear about:

Who your ideal employer is. When you understand the needs of your ideal employer, you’ll be able to speak about things that are important to them. For example, if you want to work for a small start up, you would likely address your broad knowledge of these: brand awareness, scaling growth, risk management, and team building. If you were targeting a Fortune 100 company, you would focus more specifically on market penetration, strategic partnerships, leadership development. You see, they are slightly different. And looking at the job postings and news provides additional insight on what your target companies are looking for.

Develop your unique positioning. Think about what makes you different? Define your key strengths, areas of expertise, value proposition, and how you want to be perceived by your audience.

Audit your name. Start by googling yourself to see where the best references to you appear. Your goal is to have only great, relevant content on page one of search results!

Take Action To Build Your Digital Terrain

Here are 15 things you can do that will help you achieve this goal. This is not an instant fix. Building awareness is a longer term career strategy. For example,iIt will take at least 30 days for Google to begin to notice some of these.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

 Update your profile with a professional headshot, compelling headline, and detailed work experience/achievements. But don’t stop there. Build a robust LinkedIn profile.

2. Start a blog or online portfolio

While many will post on LinkedIn, and that’s a great place to start, having your own site to showcase your expertise and thought leadership is a better long-term strategy.

3. Engage on relevant social media platforms

Besides LinkedIn, do some research to find out where thought leaders and hiring managers active online. It could be X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, or Threads. Share insights and join industry discussions.

4. Contribute guest posts or articles

Industry publications, blogs, and online magazines are always looking for guest content. If writing is your thing, then submit some topic ideas to publications that cater to your industry or profession.

5. Speak at conferences, webinars, or online events

Speaking is a great way to gain exposure. Look at the national and regional professional associations or other industry-specific events for Request for Speakers.

6. Create video content

Creating video is easier than ever. You could conduct interviews, provide tips, or offer tutorials that can be shared on YouTube or other platforms. Learn more about how to Use Video To Amplify Your Personal Brand

7. Build a professional website

 Your website will serve as a central hub for your personal brand. It may include your blog articles and portfolio.

8. Publish an ebook, whitepaper, or industry report

If research and writing are your strengths, consider authoring a resource to establish authority.

9. Engage with and share content

You don’t necessarily have to create all your own social media content. In fact, commenting and sharing posts from influencers and thought leaders in your industry is a wonderful way to get on their radar.

10. Create an online course or training program

 If you have specific knowledge to share and it will benefit others, teach what you know.

11. Do live streaming sessions

If you like being on camera, consider starting your own or being a guest on someone’s livestream on platforms like LinkedIn Live, Youtube Live, or Instagram Live.

12. Leverage professional networks

 Become active in alumni groups or professional associations to increase your visibility and leadership opportunities.

13. Be active in answering questions and helping others

Answer questions on LinkedIn or on Q&A sites like Quora related to topics you want to be known as an expert in.

14. Offer pro-bono consulting services

You can test your expertise and learn a lot by consulting. It also provides you with testimonials and case studies.

15. Become a mentor

Either independently, through your university or a professional association, you can offer your professional expertise to others in your field.

There are so many ways to get mentioned online and create online content (video, posts, etc.), it can feel overwhelming. Choose the formats that excite you the most and test the waters.

Monitor your personal reputation with this

You want to know when your name is mentioned online. Set up an alert with “your name” to receive notifications. Google Alerts/Google’s Me On The Web

Is This A Waste Of Time?

Certainly one could make the argument that doing all of this might not be the best use of your time.

But, let me ask you this? When you search for yourself on Google, Bing or whatever search engine you prefer, what comes up?

Don’t you want more and better references to you and your professional experience? This is your challenge!


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