In the digital age, integrating technology into education has transformed traditional learning paradigms, offering elementary students new pathways for engagement, understanding, and creativity. The proliferation of educational applications has provided teachers, parents, and students with many resources to enhance the learning experience. However, navigating the vast sea of available apps to find genuinely effective apps can save time and effort. The comprehensive guide aims to spotlight 20 of the best educational apps tailored for elementary learners, focusing on their benefits and how they can be optimally utilized in the educational journey.

  • MarcoPolo World School

Designed for children aged 3-8, MarcoPolo World School offers a research-led curriculum that fosters early learning through 500+ video lessons and 3,000+ interactive activities. This app prepares children for school and gives them a lifelong love for learning, making it an essential tool for foundational education.

  • Barefoot World Atlas

Geography and culture come alive with Barefoot World Atlas, allowing children to explore the world in a fun, interactive 3D globe. It’s invaluable for developing global awareness and curiosity about different cultures, landscapes, and animals worldwide.

  • Explain Everything Basics

A versatile digital whiteboard app, Explain Everything Basics, enables educators and students to create, present, and share ideas visually. Its utility in remote learning and in-class presentations makes it a staple tool for explaining complex concepts in simple, engaging ways.

  • Noggin

Noggin offers content that combines fun with foundational learning, focusing on math, literacy, and social-emotional skills. It’s designed to help kids develop a robust skill set that supports academic success and personal growth.

  • Comic Life

Comic Life brings storytelling and creativity to the forefront, allowing students to create their comics. This app is particularly effective in enhancing literacy skills, as it encourages children to write narratives, develop characters, and express ideas creatively.

  • IXL

Offering a comprehensive curriculum across subjects, IXL supports personalized learning by adapting to each student’s level. Its immediate feedback mechanism helps identify and address learning gaps, making it an excellent tool for reinforcing concepts and promoting mastery.

  • Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is a curriculum-based game for 2nd-5th graders, blending essential skills across subjects with an engaging multiplayer online experience. It encourages exploration, collaboration, and critical thinking, making learning an adventure.

  • Little Solver: Figural Analogies

This app is designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through fun puzzles. Little Solver helps enhance analytical reasoning, an essential skill for academic success and everyday decision-making.

  • Alice For The iPad

Alice For The iPad brings classic literature to Life with interactive animations, making reading an immersive experience. This app can ignite a passion for reading and literature, fostering imagination and creativity.

  • Everything Machine

Promoting STEM education, Everything Machine allows kids to invent and build with simple drag-and-drop coding. It demystifies technology, encouraging logical thinking and innovation.

  • BrainPOP

BrainPOP offers educational videos and quizzes across subjects, turning passive screen time into an opportunity for enriched learning. It’s a dynamic resource for introducing new topics and reinforcing learning through engaging content.


Covering a wide range of subjects for ages 2 to 8, is a comprehensive learning program that supports early learning milestones. Interactive activities and learning games make foundational learning enjoyable and effective.

  • Wonster Words Learning Games

Wonster Words helps kids build phonics and spelling skills through word puzzles and silly videos. It’s an excellent tool for early readers, making learning to read fun and engaging.

  • Prof Brian Cox’s Universe

This app takes students through the universe, from subatomic particles to distant galaxies. It’s a captivating way to spark interest in science and the cosmos, encouraging curiosity and a sense of wonder.

  • GarageBand

GarageBand transforms the iPad into a musical instrument and recording studio, making music creation accessible to everyone. It’s a powerful app for fostering musical creativity and understanding the basics of music production.

  • Math Land: Arithmetic games

Math Land focuses on arithmetic through educational video games, making math fun and engaging. It’s beneficial for reinforcing mathematical operations and developing quick, accurate calculation skills.

  • The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a creative app that allows students to experiment with digital elements and create their own worlds. It promotes understanding of natural and technological processes, encouraging creativity and problem-solving.

  • Doodle Buddy Draw for iPad

Doodle Buddy is a drawing app accessible for all skill levels, promoting artistic expression in a fun, unrestricted way. It’s an excellent tool for encouraging creativity and fine motor skills.

  • 1st – 12th Grade Math Problems

This app offers math problems across grades, ensuring that there is something for every learner. It’s an excellent resource for practice, and reinforcement is adaptable to different learning stages.

  • Duolingo

Duolingo makes language learning interactive and enjoyable, covering over 40 languages. Its bite-sized lessons effectively build vocabulary and grammar skills, making it a valuable tool for young language learners.


The educational landscape is increasingly digital, and these 20 apps represent the best of what technology offers to enhance learning for elementary students. Educators and parents can provide a diverse, engaging, and effective learning experience by incorporating these tools into educational practices.

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