Aussie Fintech Firm, Fathom, Brought By The Access Group

Aussie Fintech Firm, Fathom, Brought By The Access Group

The Access Group, one of the significant providers of business management software solutions for medium-sized enterprises, recently made known that it had purchased an Australian Financial Technology (FinTech) firm, Fathom, which is financial insights, speculating, and reporting business management system. The Access Group acquired Fathom to provide small and medium-sized enterprises and their accounting companies with quick and intelligent reporting and analytical proficiencies.

Fathom was set up in the year 2012. Ever since, it has expanded quickly, building a solid network of 7,500 customers in 31 different industries and 81 nations covering the Asia Pacific, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Europe. Geoff Cook, Daniel Walls, and David Watson, the company’s founders, were at the vanguard of the cloud accounting revolution when they created Fathom because they had good experience developing accounting software. Since then, the application has gained a solid reputation for its innovative products, worldwide reach, and customer dedication.

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The co-founder of Fathom, David Watson, stated that helping small-scale enterprises and their advisors have always been their driving force. Companies can better comprehend their financial data, make wiser decisions, and precisely prepare for the time ahead using reports and visual insights from Fathom. It enables dialogues and clarifies situations for the people at the heart of every enterprise, giving them the assertiveness to advance.

The president of The Access Group Asia Pacific, Kerry Agiasotis, made a statement saying that an intuitive cloud-native software program that simplifies complicated financial and accounting terms and concepts has been created by the creators of Fathom. The Fathom application offers visual insights that convey the meaning of the data. Propelling success for small and medium-sized organizations and accounting companies is swiftly reshaping the market in terms of reporting, analyzing, and speculating.

The Access Group offers state-of-the-art software solutions that may be gradually adopted in a manner and at a speed that is suitable for every company and personnel. Companies can select their lane for developing their systems and enable the staff to create their personalized Workspaces by combining new software apps with existing solutions through the Access Workspace.

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