Oxford Fintech Programme

Introduction To FinTech: 

The term “FinTech,” short for “financial technology,” refers to the software, mobile apps, and other technologies created to enhance and automate the traditional financial services offered to both businesses and individuals. FinTech can include everything from straightforward mobile payment apps to complex blockchain networks that hold encrypted transactions.

Why To Educate In FinTech?

Offerings of financial services have experienced a digital transformation that will be remembered in history. It is important to keep gaining new skills and expertise in order to be competitive in this ever changing environment.

Institution Name: Saïd Business School of Oxford University

Course Name: Oxford Fintech Programme

Start date: 14 September 2022

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Course Fee: £ 2,200

Time Commitment: Short programme

Mode: Online

About The Programme:

In this programme, the learner will explore key themes, such as:

  • The digitisation of money
  • Mobile financial services and Digital platforms
  • Algorithmic technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in financial services
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)
  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology
  • Data networks and Open banking

Accomable, Banco Mare, Funding Circle, Onfido, Seedrs, and Zoona are just a few of the worldwide popular fintech products that Oxford Saïd and the rest of the university have supported. As a result, Oxford is the ideal location to learn about the fintech industry and to connect with other people working in this rapidly expanding field. The community is also delighted to include Shefali Roy, Clara Durodie, Lucy Demery, and Bjna K. Dasan among its members, some of the most powerful women in fintech.

The learner will be participating in a community, studying together through a dedicated online campus, as part of the course that is being delivered in collaboration with online learning provider Esme Learning.

Merits Of The Programme:

  • A good understanding of the fundamentals of fintech from distributed systems to responsible innovation.
  • Knowledge of recent and ongoing changes in various domains within the financial services sector.
  • Have real-world applications to assist in building a strategy for a new fintech venture.
  • The ability to address new regulations and the digital disruption in the financial services industry.
  • Gain access to the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn.

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Module 1 – The Context:

Introduction to disruptive change and opportunities in financial innovation and FinTech.

Module 2 – Policy and Regulation:

Views from policy makers and regulators: Recognize the ways in which new regulations are being developed or adjusted to aid the expansion of financial innovation ecosystems.

Module 3 – Incumbents:

Views from incumbents: Recognize the difficult obstacles traditional financial institutions confront as they become agile, digitally empowered businesses.

Module 4 – Entrepreneurs Part 1:

Views from entrepreneurs: Gaining knowledge of startup triumphs and difficulties in a highly competitive, dynamic sector.

Module 5 – Entrepreneurs Part 2:

Continuing our exploration of fintech from an entrepreneur’s view, we investigate peer-to-peer (P2P) lending; digital identity; Artificial Intelligence (AI) in finance and more.

Module 6 – Investors, Academia and The Future:

Views from investors and academia: Obtain viewpoint from Venture Capitalists (VCs) around investment trends; VC filters and techniques.

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