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Using the cloud in the classroom can be a powerful thing.

One of the most common uses of the cloud in today’s classroom is word processing, and one of the most common cloud-based word processing platforms is Google Drive.

We’ve talked about offering voice feedback to documents. In the above below, YouTube channel Teachings In Education explains how to set up a classroom in Google Drive. They offer dozens of tips to pre-empt the kind of challenges that you’re likely to see (e.g., students unknowingly duplicating the same file several times, not knowing which folder to turn work in to, etc.)

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Since he clearly has experience in the classroom, this video is immediately better than the vast majority of universal tutorials you’ll find.

In addition to other helpful tips, the Google Drive tutorial for teachers includes information on:

-Creating a class

-Creating assignments

-Sharing documents

-Filtering results

-Turning in digital work

-Creating student portfolios

-Naming files

-Accessing document history

-Checking file timestamps

YouTube video


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