“Higher-for-longer” interest rates, earnings volatility, multiple expansion. … Chief investment officers from nine of the largest RIAs reveal how they are tweaking client portfolios in response to the markets, and detail their best investment ideas right now.

The last couple of months of 2023 have been characterized by continued inflation, a declining stock market and the expectation of “higher for longer” interest rates. That’s not to mention the near government shutdown that was averted at the last minute—but perhaps only temporarily with only a 45-day extension in place. It’s all enough to give any retail investor whiplash.

So, how are the top registered investment advisory firms in the country navigating the current market? WealthManagement.com spoke to investment heads at some of the largest RIAs about how they are changing allocations, where they’re “risk on” or “risk off,” and their top contrarian picks.   

Responses have been edited for style, length and clarity.



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