In celebration of our new Shelburne Village branch recently opening, we have collected input and insights from the wonderful community of people working and living in Shelburne, Vermont.

To start with an introduction to Dave Micklas, Asst. Vice President, Branch and Business Development Manager:

"As a member of the Shelburne Rotary Club, community service has always been important to me. I especially enjoy our neighborhood; like many communities in Shelburne, we are friendly, caring, and all look out for each other." - Dave Micklas, Asst. Vice President, Branch and Business Development Manager - Union Bank - Shelburne Village

“After more than 27 years in banking it’s good to finally work for a Vermont based bank. I reside in Shelburne and have lived here with my wife, Dorothy, for 23 years.  We have two golden retrievers (who we consider our kids), named Daisy and Shea.  My wife also works in Shelburne, managing The Terraces, a retirement community.

As a member of the Shelburne Rotary Club, community service has always been important to me.  I especially enjoy our neighborhood. Like many communities in Shelburne, we are friendly, caring, and all look out for each other.

Local organizations that I would like to highlight are the Shelburne Food Shelf and Shelburne Rescue. I would encourage people to join Rotary and get connected with people that helped build and serve our Country and Community.”


Shawn Sweeney of Sweeney Designbuild

“Sweeney Designbuild is a full-service design-build company with a focus on sustainable residential home renovations and custom building.  We are located in a historic structure that was built in 1800 by Benjamin Harrington, directly across the street from the new branch of Union Bank.

We started the business in 2006 here in Shelburne and moved to our present location in 2014.  Before moving in, we undertook a major upgrade to our office space turning what was once a chicken coop into our headquarters.  I personally grew up in Montpelier and one of my fondest memories as a kid was getting to eat rock candy at the Shelburne Museum back in the late ’70s.

Shelburne is a unique community.  Both of my sons went to Shelburne Community School and both graduated from Champlain Valley Union Highschool.  We have been fortunate to have a thriving volunteer fire department, great police force, strong town leadership, and a variety of community boards that have led Shelburne on a well-thought-out path to a sustainable and exciting future.

SCHIPPS, our local Community Food Shelf, all of our houses of worship and the Champlain Housing Trust have all been bedrock contributors to a well-balanced community.”


Kenneth Albert of Shelburne Vineyard

“Along with our partners and wonderful staff, we at Shelburne Vineyard are farming 20 acres of cold, hardy grapes on our three Sites located in Shelburne (our home site), as well as our Charlotte and Middlebury area sites. All the winemaking happens at our Shelburne Winery on Route 7 just across from Fiddlehead Brewery and Folino Pizza.

We’ve been in Shelburne for 50 years.  The recognition of how special this place is led to both Gail and I being involved in Shelburne, serving on many town committees. The love of growing things led to planting grapevines.  Our first commercial planting was in 1998 on 3 acres we leased from Shelburne Farms. What we learned there encouraged us to buy our own land and we opened our Rt 7 winery in 2008.

We’ve made life-long friends here in Shelburne and we are still involved in town activities.  Shelburne welcomed us. It is a great place with a classic village center and some spectacular countryside, from lakeside to the open rolling land to the east.

I encourage involvement and volunteering with our town government, and some of the service organizations.  It’s the key to maintaining the character of our town and making the town more welcoming to newcomers. It provides a connection to neighbors, a feeling of belonging to a wonderful place and leads to a sense of accomplishment.”


Stephen Kendall

Executive VP – Senior Residential & Consumer Loan Officer  NMLS: 627431

Union Bank

Working out of our Williston Loan Center, Stephen oversees the bank’s residential and consumer lending functions.  He chairs the Town of Shelburne Planning Commission, serves on the Board of Directors of Lyric Theater, and is a member of St. Catherine’s parish in Shelburne.

“My wife, Kelly, and I have lived in Shelburne for 12 years.  I grew up in Shelburne and we live in the house I grew up in!  I was part of the first kindergarten class of Shelburne, went through all of my primary education in Shelburne, and graduated from CVU.

What I especially love about Shelburne is how much it has to offer: great people who love their town; great schools; public access to the lake; Shelburne Farms; Shelburne Museum; great nature trails; quintessential VT village with town green, great shops, restaurants and library; and its close proximity to downtown Burlington and the amenities and services the greater Burlington area offers.

I would recommend people who are in a position to give back with time, treasure or talent, do so!  Especially in the areas they are passionate about whether it be Shelburne Rescue, Shelburne Fire, Pierson Library, Shelburne Food Shelf, service organizations, or town government.  Get involved!”


Stay Local. Go far!

As a community bank, we’re loyal to the people and businesses we serve across the great state of Vermont. We invite you to meet our Shelburne Village team and learn more about the convenient banking services you can find at Union Bank. We look forward to being a part of your community!


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