In two consecutive weeks of February this year, Diamond Consultants facilitated the moves of two extraordinary Merrill teams—superstars producing over $10 million each.

Why is this so relevant that we opted to discuss it on the podcast?

Because it’s rare for any team at that production level to make a move—let alone from the same firm AND within a week of each other. 

As we’ve shared many times, and illustrated most recently in our Transition Report, advisor movement has changed over recent years—with plenty of factors driving that movement.

But there are significant and often unique motivations that drive an individual advisor or team to consider change.

Having served as guides through the due diligence and transition process for these teams, Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond share a unique assessment of each of these moves, including:

  • The main drivers for the moves—pulls vs pushes.
  • Where they moved to—and why.
  • Virtually all of the partners on both teams were lifers with Merrill—why this is significant.
  • Both teams were in major growth mode—why they would disrupt momentum.
  • Their due diligence processes—the extent in time and detail.
  • And more.

It’s an episode that presents two unique case studies, with points of view on big team movement from two people who are uniquely positioned to provide a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Download a transcript of this episode…

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