Job search strategies change based on the economy, the level and type of work you are looking for, and your personal situation. In other words, there’s no absolute right way for everyone. However, there are best practices you should know about.

Summary Sunday Issue 550

In this week’s Summary Sunday, you’ll learn about:

  • How to handle a series of 6 interviews
  • Questions to reveal your future boss’s true colors
  • How to handle ageism
  • Revamping your LinkedIn profile for a career change
  • Visibility for career opportunities
  • Emerging professionals have some but not all the skills required

I carefully curate these articles and feature authors/sources I value. I hope you will follow them too!


How do I bring closure to series of 6 interviews? | Ask The Headhunter®

It’s not uncommon, especially for senior-level roles, to experience 4, 5, 6 or more interviews. In case you don’t know Nick Corcodilos, he’s a recruiter who advocates for job seekers. He offers a couple of solutions to this multiple-interview scenario. And as always, the comments shed additional insight!

7 TOP questions to ask in your next interview so that you avoid (another!) toxic boss | Arpad Szakal

As an executive search consultant, Arpad Szakal has seen executives walk into situations with bad bosses because they just didn’t ask the right questions. Don’t make that mistake. Working for a bad boss won’t end well for you. Ask these questions.


How To Tackle Ageism During Job Search (and beyond) | Lisa Rangel

Sadly, ageism exists. But read this post by Lisa and see what YOU can do about it.


LinkedIn for Career Change | Virginia Franco

You know how challenging it is to reposition your past experience when you decide to change careers. Well, your LinkedIn profile needs a revamp too! Follow these instructions and connect the dots so your future employer sees how you fit.


Women IT leaders take center stage | CIO

You don’t need to be a woman, work in tech or even be a leader to understand how important visibility is for your career. See how easy it can be and start taking action today.

Report: Emerging Professionals Well-Prepared for Workforce | SHRM

SHRM & Handshake collaborated to create a new report released this week. The title is a bit misleading because there are certain areas where emerging professionals do NOT rate well and they are easy to fix. “Emerging professionals are entering the workforce with valuable skills and experience, but still have room to grow,” said Casey Sword. Emerging professionals can improve how they showcase their reliability, critical thinking, communication, and time management.


Quitting Without Another Job Lined Up: Here’s What To Do

How To Get Referred For A Job

Add Social Networking to Your Job Searching Portfolio


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