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Fintech is a booming industry that benefits companies exploring avenues like efficiency enhancement, cost lessening, innovation, and menace management. To stay ahead, fintech services from a fintech software development company are critical. FinTech abridges financial transactions for consumers or businesses, making them more available and generally more reasonable. It can also apply to companies and services utilizing AI, big data, and encrypted blockchain technology to facilitate highly secure transactions amongst an internal network.

Today we will talk about a Fintech company that has disrupted technology to provide a much-needed solution the everyday expense.

Sunbit financing is used by thousands of people every day to pay-over-time for unexpected expenses. It’s designed to accept 90% of people who apply with fair, transparent rates and no late fees, origination fees, or penalties. Sunbit is the kind, kind of payment.

Sunbit financing is a buy now, pay later financial technology that empowers financing in-store consumptions for buyers across the credit range. The company targets to disrupt the method of financing in-store purchases for clients across the credit spectrum, and that also includes the unbanked or underbanked.

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Let’s make it simple

Suppose you are in need of a visit to your eye or dental doctor at the end of the month,

but you are running out of cash,

still waiting for the salary for this month.

And suddenly you have discovered that Mr. Sunbit is giving you an offer which can solve your whole problem.

So, the offer is that you can take a loan from Mr. Sunbit and can pay after 3,6, or 12 months and the point is that you are getting a loan just to visit your dental doctor or Eye doctor or auto repair.

It’s time to dive down into their offer

Sunbit financing is able to approve loans for 90% of requests.

It is just a 30-second application.

They don’t charge any fees and no pain for hard credit checking.

Their stores are available in 16000 locations nationwide.

The Sunbit card is also available for their trustworthy customers, who can manage their expenses as per their requirements. But one thing clients should remember is that Visa must be acceptable in the place, where they intend to use a Sunbit card.

Sunbit credit card comes without application fees, annual fees, or processing fees.

[ But remember it’s a kind of loan, so you cannot avoid a down payment]

Thus, it is awesome.

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Now Read a few facts about Sunbit

  • Sunbit Financing amount varies from $50 to $20000 and the term varies from 3 to 72 months.
  • Founders: Arad Levertov, Ornit Dweck-Maizel, Tal Riesenfeld, Tamir Hazan
  • It is based in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in 2016
  • Sunbit financing has been able to raise $460M from 19 investors, among them Waterfall Asset Management, Credit Suisse, Zee Ventures, and Group 11 are the few important names.

If you are a consumer and looking for a loan from Sunbit, you can start the process from here

All consumers must apply through approved merchants. Sunbit Financing’s fast and easy application process can be completed in-store with just an associate, the required link provided by email from the merchant, and while you are shopping online through an eCommerce checkout process. Customers need to use our merchant locator to find an approved merchant near them and pre-qualify before they visit.

You can manage your Sunbit account online at  Simply select the “create account” option and enter the requested particulars to locate your account and create a password. You must enter the email address that you used when you applied.

Sunbit Financing provides loans made by Alliance Bank, Inc, dba TAB Bank, and these banks perform the credit checking process.

Sunbit has 1 registered patent in the ‘ Computing; Calculating ‘ category, according to IPqwery.

If you are a student and loved to know about Sunbit, now you like to apply for a job there, check this link







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